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Publisher & Chief Editor: Bryjana Thoredottier

Please note the editorial deadline for submitting reports, advertising and events.
Deadline is ever the 25th of the months for setting yours in the next Edition !

Tal Goreans!!

We thank you for your interest in the new Gorean Moons Gazette and hope you enjoy reading and browsing.

Our goal is to bring you information and news from and around Gor and maybe put a smile on your face.

Our Official Journal is a time-critical newspaper. Some of the subtle comments are by no means intended to sound offensive, but rather to provoke thought and rethinking.
If we all remember ancient Gor a little more, those times will come back. Let's all work on it!!

Please send us your reports and experiences (please no chat logs from Roleplays) if you want them to be published:
A publication is always made after an examination in the next following edition.

We dissociate ourselves from guaranteeing the true facts of foreign authors.
For the Page "Local News" we are looking for reliable employees for our branches :
Local Publisher

if interested please contact to Bryjana Thoredottier
Donation for the GMG
Please help lower my costs for the GMG with your donation, either with a small amount or some Linden Inworld.
( Donation to Amphitrite Charisma)
Many Thanks*hugs*
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