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                                             Game of Flavors and Planting of Sa-Tarna
It's spring and the first warm rays of sun are warming the roofs of the city of Venna. The Planting Festival of Sa-Tarna was eagerly prepared. Kajirae ran excitedly through the city and the dance group Venna Dancers,
  diligently practiced their performance.
  As a special treat, it was announced that the free women's game: game of flavors should take place on these festive days under the organization of the FC of the  Regenten.
I decided  not to take part in such a spectacular event where the single women showed their favor to x mens  testify by offering them a colored scarf not to participate.
Something like that hurts my pride and my honor, I don't chase anyone and certainly not the men.
Even if it is a game, who can be sure that the favor offered to women will not be exploited by men for THEIR GAMES!
So I announced that I would not take part, but the HOC scribe of Venna, whose contract is about to recognize me as a ward, said I HAD to take part.
Well, I don't have to do anything, said the proud one in me and already made a plan.
On the day of the game, the single women gathered on the square in front of the administration building and looked intently at the regent's fc. But there were also non-single women, women who were already in a FC mixed among them and the organizer was even patient when she distributed the scarves, each woman got 7 scarves in one color, with no color being duplicated. So the lady in red had red scarves, the lady in blue had blue scarves and I got the color purple.
Half-heartedly I took the scarf and listened to the proclamation of the rules:
  No woman may give a man more than one scarf. whoever distributed all the scarves first and reported to the organizer would win, and the man who had the most scarves from the women would win the hearts.

But I had no man to show my favor with a forced shawl. While the other women were already running excitedly through town and talking to every man they came across, I sauntered back to my office and did the paperwork.
the scarves burned like fire in my pocket and I'm just waiting for an opportune moment to get rid of them.

What did the rules say again? Only one scarf may be distributed to one man......... Hooray, there we have the gap and my plan fits. There is nothing in the rules that you cannot lose the scarves or throw them away.
And if these are found, that wouldn't be my problem anymore, would it? I didn't rack my brains about it and made the decision to implement my plan tomorrow. Now was the time for the Planting Festival Sa-Tarna with its ceremony on the fields of Venna and in front of the Homestone.

The next morning I walked to the gate and then turned right down a small side alley past the warriors guard room. I was lucky and nobody noticed me. in a corner where one suspects that nobody goes there, i let the scarves fall on the floor. I FINALLY GOT RID OF THOSE FUCKING SCARVES!!!

I suppressed a relieved laugh so as not to be discovered after all and quickly ran home again.
In the meantime, I had moved with the HQ of GMG to the building right next to the Scribe building, I set up the rear rooms as a private area and a small, beautiful garden borders directly on the living room.

The festival lasted 3 days and ended with an excellent dance performance by the Venna Dancers and the award ceremony for the winners of the Game of Flavor.

I found a place off the beaten track from where I could watch everything, again on the Agora (main square).

Winner of the women was lady in red and not a single woman, oops wasn't there something in the rules just dingle women???????? But it didn't interest me, not at all, because I didn't get in touch because my scarves are gone, taken or lost? no, i didn't make any reports and didn't attach any importance to such a gain of pandering.

Then the men had to step forward and show their scarves. strangely the majority of men were very little "SPOILS" than 1 scarf or 3 scarves of different colors.,
Oh oops, were there any other women who found this game beneath their dignity?

Then a handsome, damn handsome warrior stepped forward. The Commander of Venna laid your loot on the ground. 1..........2....................3................. ....4...................5.....................oops wait, what was the color purple for a long time on the floor in front of the organizer and the regent. In the end there were 11 scals and 7 of them were purple.

I had the feeling I would have to sink into the ground, my scarves, these damn scarves were probably found, searched desperately i more cover from the eyes of the crowd.

Lady Serena, the FC by  the Regent Minus and the organizer, wheezed and this wheezing was not due to her advanced pregnancy, but rather out of anger or indignation.

Measures announced the rules again in front of the commander and granted him that he had 5 scarves, that no color may be duplicated......... Yes, it has now been announced to the men who were before It's only us women who have been told the rules, but how should the commander know.
The warrior proclaimed truthfully that he had found the scarves and
he was declared the winner and he was presented with the trophy, with 5 scarves he was the winner, even with 4 he would have won. the commander must be a sought-after heartthrob.
A small sigh escaped my lips when I looked at the Commander, but then I remembered the last experience and pulled my inner wall a little more. The mad magistrate and then Halvar, who after much wooing managed to soften my heart once more so that I agreed to a Handfasting, but he never returned from his trading trip and after that time he is presumed missing if not dead.
I had to cancel the date of the Handfasting, all the planning was in vain,
I often find myself still thinking about him and what happened to him.
So I no longer have the courage or the confidence to open my ore to a man again.

But then things escalated, Lady S was still outraged and probably didn't begrudge the commander victory and called him a cheater.
Even the regent did not contradict his FC or put them in their place.
It was only when the winner of the hearts put the trophy back on the table and waived his victory that the atmosphere relaxed and the allegation of fraud was slightly toned down. Because now the blame was placed on the woman who had lost the scarves, who would have tried to help the commander to win.
Such nonsense, I know better.

It is just hope Lady Serena doesn't remember who she gave the purple scarves to because that would get me in big trouble.

Fury, Stubbornness and Frustration

I sit at my desk and trace the scroll with my pen like a camouflage in the air. The contract of guardianship signed by Sir Argos, Lady Tenka as witness, and myself was torn up by me as soon as the ink was dry.
The hope that this time it was a protector who tolerated me as a person and origin, who did not try to manipulate like the Pasha of Cartassa, who constantly threatened me and forced me to show myself unveiled to him, disappeared like my tears of anger that broke out, fell to the hot desert floor and instantly turned into hot steam.
Sir Argos is a respected man, but since his principles only became clear after the signature, he urged me to cover myself from head to toe *sniff* as if wearing a veil wasn't enough for me.
He sees it as a regulation for the upper caste, but has completely forgotten that although I am an employee in the blue caste, I do not work there as a lawyer in the blue caste, otherwise published independently in my official gazette.
I cannot and will not accept such a massive intrusion into my personality and I will definitely not agree to an intended adoption by the Attius family.
              I now have to find another way to gain protection, if necessary I pay mercenaries to keep them close to me at all times because I want to prevent further physical attacks.

Is it so hard to find someone who accepts me for who I am?

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