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 One new borns in  Hammersgaard

After the fiasco in Tira, we decided to travel to the oasis, where we were greeted with jubilation.
Darian looked at his people, tears glistening in his eyes. As he looked through the news scrolls on his desk, I saw shock in his eyes. His brother Orlando, Sheikh of Al Nairad is missing. A fist slammed the tabletop in anger, screaming for his warriors to send out to find Orlando.
His eyes met me and he said: "From now on I will take the name El Nairad, claim my birthright, your name will also be "El Nairad"!"
Darian had it announced to the people and then a messenger came up to him and handed him a message from our new friends from Hammersgaard.
It was an invitation to a birth ceremony, according to the rites of the panthers. Nani used to be one of the wild free women and it was her wish after this ritual to give birth to her child. At the Hammersgaard waterfalls.
We had never seen such a birth and accepted the invitation with friends and gave the order to pack our things, warm clothes for the north and the cot which was already ready as a birth gift.
The ship was readied and we sailed north.
Arrival in Hammergaard and good food in the Tavern
When the ship pulled into Hammersgaard harbour, our friend Nani, who supported her big, heavy belly with her hands, and Edu stood on the quay and awaited us. You must have seen our ship coming, its golden flag on the high mast glittering in the evening sun.
It was greeted warmly and hugged, I enjoyed this open friendly nature of these northern people, it reminded me a lot of my homeland, Var archipelago, which was now settled by the raiders. Inwardly, I clenched my fists at the thought.

Edu led the way and Nani walked beside me, I put a light support around her shoulders as we climbed the path to the tavern.
Nani's contractions could come any day and we decided to stay here for a few days and recover as well.,
Darian knew how much I loved and missed the North and he saw my eyes light up as he announced we would be staying for a while after the birth.

Night fell and Edu took us to a cabin that was made available for our stay. A simply furnished but warm, cozy room.
The next day passed quietly at first, we enjoyed the stillness and quiet and the rough climate.
In the evening we were sitting with other residents in the tavern for dinner when a Bond stormed in excitedly and shouted that Nani had gone into labor.
Everyone ran excitedly to the waterfall, where the birth was already in progress.
After what felt like an eternity and again and again you could hear the screams of Nanis, the new heir to Hammersgaard was born. The Baby cried and was healthy, I thanked the gods with a quick prayer. The little warrior was to be called Björn and congratulated the mother and admired the pretty child.

There was still plenty of partying and drinking and toasting to mother, father and child again and again.



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