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Lara - The Downfall

Our ship has stopped again in Lara, in this village where we have an official journal and a secretariat and where we carry out our services as contract judges and lawyers. As always, we were greeted warmly, the citizens gathered in the bakery on the quay and enjoyed delicious black wine, tea and pastries.
Lady Elodie announces in a ceremony that musician Victor will soon be promoted to FC, and the women eagerly discussed a suitable dress for the ceremony. Words of Eldodie, remarks about the clothes in the Casten colors, only betrayed the ignorance and stupidity of this woman from one of the lowest castes, who probably lived more in the north.
So I ignored her words and drank my Blackwine instead.
Darian looked at me as the women talked about the ceremonies and the length of their contract, and I couldn't help but smile as he said, "Ai, we both have less than two hands, next moon also a ceremony .We'll renew our contract and drink the wine."

Thank you, thank you, ye gods. I said a prayer to the gods, hoping my expression and grin didn't look too silly because my voice was fading and I could only nod and smile slightly.
All my fears were gone and I wronged Darian by assuming he would forget our day!
But suddenly out of nowhere the sky turned black, strong winds rose and the earth shook beneath our feet and the earth broke open, chimneys in the houses exploded and spewed their fire across the land and the houses and everything was ablaze.
Darian grabbed my hand and we ran to our ship, managed to call the citizens to get safe on our ship or their ships and set off at great speed.
There was no time to lose, the chaos increased, but still some citizens managed to get to their boats. Our ship shot straight to Thassa and away from the land of Lara.
When we were a safe distance away we turned and looked at the land and saw everything collapse and the city sink into the sea with a loud roar.


Darian and I stayed safely aboard our ship, I was still shaking slightly as we kissed and was glad we made it out alive.
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