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Cloudy Thoughts

Many trips, many countries and cities lie between my last report, weeks and months of hard work and city recruitment, but also very successful !!
We were already known in many, and people are expecting us, word got around quickly, our Gazette, the Gorean Moons. Now here I am, sitting at my desk in Gorean Moon's main office, going through all the new agreements, when my gaze falls on the calendar and my heart stops. I do the math in disbelief and the result stays the same. Our FC contract ends in less than 2 hands, oh how time has flown!
The contract ends, it screams in my head and I can't think of anything else, how it will go on then.Will Darian extend the contract? Why hasn't he said anything yet? Is he aware that it will end soon? Or was he so engrossed in his work that he didn't notice how quickly the time was passing?Questions over questions rush into my head and distract me from work.What should I do? Ask Darian about the imminent end of the contract? Shake your head at this thought question. No, my pride wouldn't allow it.Will I then become Thoredottier again, driven out of the oasis, or will I be able to stay and continue my work.I don't know what will happen if Darian doesn't renew.Maybe I can continue working as a Thoredottier and I'll get a job and move into the tarot house.Oh how these thoughts hurt, I love this man so much, more than my life, and his words of feelings were always open to me. That he loves me. But what if ..........................?.................NO ,I don't want to think that another woman is already waiting for Darian to be free.Hopes that all will be well are burgeoning, I shouldn't doubt, if the gods decide I'll go my way, no matter where it's going.All I can do is wait and hope.

No matter what you decide, Darian, you will always be in my heart!!!


My eyes fill with tears and in my heart is the hope that we will drink the wine again.

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