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The next day when I got to the buildings of the blue caste, full of expectation and inquisitive, Lady Monica was already standing in front of it with a man who introduced himself as McLovin, merchant of Thentis. I greeted quietly and waited for the conversation to end, and Lady Monica introduced me.
A change of politeness followed when suddenly another blue man turned the corner. Before I could say hello, Lady Monica spoke to the man in a blue tunic and long blond hair: “Tal Sir Darian. How is a day today? Meet Lady Malena, she is new to Thentis and has the desire to become a lawyer. As of today, you as magistrates are your mentor! "
I looked a little embarrassed to the side, stroked my skirt, which had been colored blue since today, thanked me quietly and assured me that I would try to be a good student.
The knowledge that I will give up my life as a northern woman and that I will lead the life of a southern Gorean from now on no longer shocked me, because the aspiration to become a lawyer was greater than my northern pride.
A small tower room became free and I rented myself there, moved out of the Inn.
My first lesson will start tomorrow !!
Malena  vor court_001.png
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