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It took a while until I picked up my pen again today and wrote down my experiences again.
En'Kara Faire is now over, Carnival time forgotten, Halvar is still missing and near death. I would just have to learn to live without protection again. I often miss my family and so tears are still secretly cried at night.
You often get the feeling that I have a special scent that tells men: "Look at that, she's defenseless!". . and think they might act like a tarsk in the mud.
Here's what happened on the final day of En*Kara Fair:

I walked a little across the market and was looking at the stalls when I suddenly saw a man standing in front of me, dressed in dark clothes, with long black hair, a scowl and a long beard.
They greeted us back in a friendly manner, even if the man's greeting was rather rude and insulting. Not a big lady, no, a big little one came out of his mouth and he kept calling me girl and little one. like I'm a slave.
So I really didn't look like a slut. My blue dress was high-necked and clean, and the fabric wasn't the cheapest either. , my face adorned even the veil of the south.
I kindly replied that I'm not a girl or his little one, he should show more respect to a free woman, but the answer was just a throaty laugh and, "Oh little one, it's only a matter of time to your collar. "And you can't call yourself free anymore! Oh my god, again, threats like this, which I've been receiving quite a bit lately, must have stepped on someone's toes and held a mirror up to one of my reports in the Gazette. In one particular report, I received threats from a particular individual, a former Venna warrior who was dishonorably dismissed from the caste as a result of events I am truthfully reporting.
After this warrior left Venna, I kept receiving insults and threats from a man who was completely unknown to me, but who gave exactly the reasons that this warrior gave.
I would be a slut and a woman with no reputation who should write lies and get on his knees or even more deserve death!
Sure it's scary to be attacked like that, but I have a certain pride and guilt-free, the accusations come from heaven, so I reject it. This guy must be crazy and full of hate and will self destruct.

But now this man stood in front of me and introduced himself when a pirate named Judas from the Rum Runners kept addressing me like a slave, even touching me roughly, making an imaginary cut in my dress with his finger and making me turn around and to spin Spin pulled him up, clapped his fingers and told him to stop or I would call for help.

This pirate laughed out loud and grabbed my neck with his big, broad hands and choked me, standing so close I could smell his sweat and heard him whisper in my ear, "Let's see how you can scream now."
The air was getting tight, I could hardly breathe and was scared to death, but I raised my knee and kicked his sensitive privates, causing him to loosen his hands and I yelled for help with the last of my strength.
Luckily, some men rushed over very quickly and tried to contain the man. My RESCUERS also made the guy aware of the rules of the En*kara Faire, a peaceful faire where even enemies point their guns at each other.

After this happy mass was over for me, I packed my things and drove back to Venna. the pain in the neck and neck area got worse and worse, i could hardly speak and made myself understood by writing down words with a roller and pen.
My first stop in Venna was to go to Magistrate Sir Flavius to make a complaint against these men who threatened and physically attacked me and then dragged me to the infirmary, unfortunately I could not find a doctor there.
So I decided to go to the office, but I collapsed on the grand staircase in the city, I couldn't breathe, everything was like in my throat.

I woke up on a bed in the infirmary. Next to the bed were Syn, a pretty Kajira who unfortunately has the difficult fate of being a tavern maid, a doctor I don't know, and the warrior Muzzy.

Then I found out that Syn found me lying on the stairs and the warrior Muzzy took me to the infirmary.

I owe my life to both of them!!

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