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The bad Site of Tira 

We were asked to leave town, insulted and attacked because of our reports. There were few people who showed such behavior,
Lady Arella refused Darian access to the court, saying smugly that he wasn't needed. Fear for her own power and was it just her arrogant stone cold nature!!
Is this how you treat new residents? NO !!!
Not with me !! Pride comes before a fall, many such cities have seen it before.
Mention Svago, once a thriving city, today only little traffic, this city also showed too much arrogance and pride !! Today she fights after the evil people took her life under new government but people don't forget so easily.
Or let's look at Meqara, this city went under because the Tatrix unfortunately turned negative.
Evil, power-hungry people can destroy a Sim.
That's how I see it coming, they think they are the gods of Gors!

The Isles of Tira: the most impossibly rude and arrogant gor sim i have ever seen, gay sim and apparently masochists.

May these people reap what they sow!! Karma is a Bitch*laught*

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