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An Encounter & Pleasant Suprise or Family reunification

The morning sun laughed from the sky and I enjoyed its warmth outside in my favorite place and watched the Tarns in the sky as they circled the city.

A soft, gentle voice tore me from my thoughts as she greeted: "The blessing Freya you wife, be your day a good one today!"

I turned a little to see the woman who had greeted her, to greet her again, and my smile turned to ice under the veil. It was like looking in a mirror, except for the woman's eyes, they were turquoise, mine are amber.

My voice suddenly seemed dry and stuttered when I returned the greeting, but also full of curiosity about this stranger.

So I invited the woman to sit down and have some refreshment. Tami, who had brought this lady here, a northern woman with a voice and obviously also a herbalist with her herb backpack, immediately jumped to her nimble feet and served us one of her delicious black wines.

"I'm Swanja Thoredottier from Skerry of Var and who are you, lady?" Her turquoise eyes, reminiscent of the color of Thassa, explored my face and it seemed like she was waiting for something.

"I'm Malena," I answered in a hoarse voice than my usual counterpart and looked at Swanja as if she were a ghost.

"Malena? So? "She didn't seem to believe me and asked further:" And where are you from, I can still make out the slight northern sound in your voice.

I cleared my throat and looked at Swanja and something familiar came up inside me, even if I couldn't remember that feeling. "I don't know, I was found shipwrecked in the Thassa and haven't remembered anything since!"

The small, sharp scream from Swanja's bare mouth made me wince for a moment.
The black wine goblet from her hand fell to the floor with a clang as she jumped up and walked over to me and hugged me so I could barely breathe.
"Bryjana !!!! It really is you, you live, I have always believed in it and felt it in me that you were alive! wore. Only hers contained a picture of a family, and the two young women in the picture were me. My head turned. What do I think, I can only be one of the two, because if you looked closely you could see the different eye colors of the young women.
"Look. Father, mother and us! "
“You are Bryjana Thoredottier, daughter of Thore Svenson and Briget Karlsdottier. Your home is ............ was Skeery of Var.! "
“We have mourned you for so long, many, many moons. Father sent you to the Avian Isle for diplomatic service, 10 of the best and strongest warriors accompanied you, but your ship never arrived, it was gone and you were lost. Everyone thinks you are dead! "
"Now I understand why I went on the Thassa, Swanja"! And I hugged my sister even tighter and held her tight like the plank on which I was found.

We talked for a long time, hugged each other tightly, neither of us wanted to let go of you again, and when I saw the tears shimmer in Swanja's eyes when I asked about the parents, I suspected something terrible and it was confirmed when Swanja was in tears : “they are dead. Killed by the Kuriis who invaded our house and did not leave anyone alive. I owe my life to the fact that at the time of the attack I was in the distant forest gathering my herbs. Everything was in ruins, since then I've been traveling around the country as a herbalist and always hope to find you! "
It was certainly hours that we sat there crying and in mourning. I asked quietly: "Tell me, sister, how old are we?"
A smile played on Swanja's face: "We are 25 years old and I am exactly 1 minute older, little sister
We stopped and hugged and talked for a long time when it was time for my next class. We grabbed hands and ran up the steps to my tower room, Swanja was tired from the journey and needed sleep hurried down the many steps again into the classroom.

The lessons dragged on like rubber today, I could not wait for the end of today's lesson to finally tell my mentor and the man who stole my heart, but I am never allowed to show it, because I cannot hope for mutuality to tell what happened happened that I know, no, that I was recognized and it is now clear who I am and where I came from.
Darian talked and talks endlessly today, about officials and their tasks, about city laws and their scope.I was busy writing down everything, nervously nibbling on my quill every now and then, hanging on his lips until I realized it and looked down at the parchment again.He was friendly and matter-of-fact as always, no emotion in his face when he looked at me, which every time made my face appear a delicate blush.For this I cursed all the gods at the same time!Even the longest hour goes by and I asked the magistrate for an interview.There was actually a smile on his face when he heard me talking about Swanja.“I'm happy for you, Lady Malena, or rather, now, Lady Bryjana. I will inform the city council about your name change, your real name should now appear everywhere in the papers. "!My happy and relieved nod was the only confirmation of his words.Later that evening when Swanja woke up we were sitting with the magistrate's brother, Sir Onofrio, and to our surprise we heard the story of the brothers, they suffered an almost similar fate as Swanja and I.Tami served her famous Blackwine again, which the four of us enjoyed until the rise of the three moons and it was time to go to rest, because the next day will certainly have a lot more exciting in store.

I went to sleep that night as Bryjana Thoredottier !!!

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