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A new Life starts
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Yesterday I had my second private lesson with Sir Darian, the magistrate of Thentis.
Often I hung as if spellbound on his lips and busily wrote all his words with my pen on a scroll, greedily soaking up all knowledge.

He talked about the FC. The free accompaniment, the forms, the ceremonies, the duration and also how an FC can be ended.
When his words reached me that there was no love on Gor, that everything was just about living together to start a family,
Quote: In Gor there is no love as it is meant on earth, kisses and hugs, he can only live together he can also have other women and she can have other men, even if secretly never in public, a woman who is one Obscene acts in a public place are condemned to slavery, since only slaves are allowed to walk around naked or behave obscene !!! Quote end,
I felt a stab in my heart and an anger I had never felt before:
What does this guy imagine, dear, I've seen that with many couples, they were even free companions for decades, certainly also connections to a man to his slave, men free their slaves in order to later make them FC.
And then this judge talks about the fact that there is no love !!!
Well, maybe he is unable to love himself or has sworn off love who knows.
I only saw love, whatever it looked or with what compromises it was lived.
Many Goreans confuse love with wild sex and lust, but to me love would mean much more.
It means infinite trust but also loyalty !!
Many free societies that were closed from the point of view of love have been destroyed by sex-addicted slaves who have no regard for a relationship. The FW then ran away or the FC ended.
Certainly female slaves belong to Gor and to men who like to breathe air. Many men threaten to suffocate without their sluts (which would be better sometimes, grinning).

Conclusion: This statement was like a shock and I decided never to believe a man when he speaks of "love" because he only has the ONE in mind.
I don't want to be a birth machine; Oh yes, I know my defiance and pride will come through here again, but I just can't get out of my skin.

After this shock and this realization, the next followed, in which Sir Darian suggested that I be adopted as long as I did not have a companion.

No, I will not follow this advice under any circumstances ........ NO ................. I would be under protection, but also no longer free in my decisions.
My guardian or adoptive father could designate a man as a companion for me without my consent. I hate the idea of ​​being tied to a man I didn't love, who might even be a selfish and rude man ... NO ....... ... then I'd rather jump into the Thassa to go to the Kingdom of Hels.

Oh, Hel, Odin, Thor and Freya, yes you continue to live hidden in my hearts, even if I now speak outwardly about the Priest-Kings, wish the citizens the blessings of the PKs to present this religion to the outside world, because to achieve the second knowledge. Even if I no longer look like a northern woman, my language has become finer, I now wear the veil as a matter of course, I am still a northern woman in my soul.

Who knows if and when that will also disappear, but I will probably hold on to it because it is the only connection to my old ME and WHO.

Wait and see what fate still has in store for me !!
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