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Pani Wedding on Tsushima Island

Two Pani Clans united through the Wedding of the
Shogun Yōkai Ryūjin ゲンガー, Ryūjin clan
and the lovely
Lady MĪÂҚODÂ from the Takeda clan.
The ceremony was performed by the priestess ϮLibelluleϮ.
We wish the couple a blessed and happy, long life !!

We were delighted to receive the invitation from the Shogun of Tsushima Island to his Wedding.
I rummaged in my clothes box, knowing full well that there was another Pani-like dress somewhere and Tatttaaaa, I held it up. A robe of golden taffeta adorned with delicate sakura blossoms.
Yes, you could wear that in honor of the great shogun.
I quickly changed clothes and we boarded the ship, which took us to this Far Eastern-style island located somewhere in the vastness of Thassa.
The Island was already bathed in a red and gold evening light when our ship docked and we walked to the site of the ceremony.
Lots of panis. already gathered around a huge Far Eastern pavilion, the catwalk of which led across a lake from which beautiful water lilies spun their circles.
The women all wore colorful flower-printed kimonos with elaborately pinned hair in which flowers were stuck in the colors of their robes, the men in black or striped hakama pants, a pani pants skirt, with loose shirt-like kimono jackets.
Artfully forged katans were on their backs or on their hips and one could only guess at the wealth of the clans.
The couple walked together across the footbridge to the priestess with a very white face with pale make-up, which was almost more like a mask. A long but beautiful ceremony of the union of two people in love followed.

First the couple would have to wash their hands and face with water and salt to purify their body and soul, then the three cup ritual followed. Three cups of different sizes would be filled with saki one by one and offered to the couple to drink, always asking for the blessings and protection of Kami Sama.

The 1st cup, the smallest, symbolized heaven and shows appreciation for the ancestors.

The 2nd medium sized cup symbolized the earth and represents the couple's vow to care for each other as long as they live.

The 3rd cup . the largest, symbolizes peoples and prayers for the couple's fertility.

In doing so, they would bow and clasp their hands again and again.
After the cup ritual, a ritual similar to the handfasting of the north ensues, their middle fingers would be tied with a ribbon, their hands would hold a branch with a prayer attached, and they would again honor this kami sama, which means deity.
Yōkai Ryūjin ゲンガー
The Priestess ϮLibelluleϮ 
We, Darian and I
At the end of the ceremony, after a mutual vow, the Ring was exchanged and the kiss !!

I wish the Shogun and the new First Lady of Tsushima Island a long happy get-together and that their love may last!!!
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