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On to new shores

We sailed from Thentis on the Olni River towards Olni. The next day we should reach the port of Olni. During the night there was a heavy snowstorm and the waves were high. The old memories came up in me and I pray to all the gods of the planet that everything will be fine this time. Our beds in the cabin were firmly anchored to the floor. So we took ropes and tied ourselves to the bedpost at the foot and head end so as not to be thrown through the whole cabin.
Swanja didn’t say a word, she felt sick and the color of her complexion didn’t bode well. I myself was busy with fearful prayers with intermittent wailing, because in the rush I already missed SOMEONE, where it is uncertain whether one will see each other again.
Inwardly, I scolded myself and called myself stupid Vulo, next time take more care of your heart, you know it doesn't do anything but sorrow to lose it and yet it was done.

A noise, followed by a foul smell, from across the street from where Swanja sat tied to the foot of the bed, made me look up.
As if I suspected it, the fish from noon left Swanja's stomach and spilled over the bedspread. I would love to help Swanja and stand by, but I didn't dare to untie myself, I probably wouldn't have gotten a day care not to be thrown out of bed.
That left me with nothing but pitying looks and calming words that distracted me from my fears and griefs for a while.

Soon the storm subsided and we released ourselves from the bed posts, climbed into the other clean bed together and fell asleep clinging to each other.
The next noon we reached Olni's harbor. The tall towers and cylinders could be seen from afar.

Swanja was still doing badly and she wanted to stay in bed. I decided to go there and explore the city as we would be anchored here for 1 day. Maybe I can get medicine for Swanja or a chamomile and lemon balm tea.

I put on a warm coat, the climate at this time of year in Olni was cold and it snowed heavily.
Lost in thought I left the ship and almost collided with a tall figure and the laugh sounded familiar. I looked up puzzled and thanked the South for the obligation to pay, because you couldn't see my open mouth when suddenly Darian stood in front of me and grabbed my shoulder.
"Tal Lady Bryjana, why in such a hurry?" "Tal Sir Darian", more didn’t come out of my lips, because I was kind of speechless and just stared at him to make sure it wasn't a dream, and if it did, dear gods, never, never let me wake up!
"I told you, we'll see you again" he laughed and he looked at me with a look that I have never seen at him and that made a vulo skin run down my back.
"A tarn rider took me with him, I knew your ship would stop here. Without you, Thentis was empty for me. Without you I felt empty. I had to follow you to stay with you. "
His gaze hung lovingly on my face, which probably had the color of scarlet red, and then the moment followed that made my heart leap.
“Lady Bryjana, I adore you very much and you are part of my life like the air I breathe. My heart has belonged to you for a long time, actually from the beginning of our first seeing. I ask you that I can woo you? "
"Ai ........ ai ......" was all I could say and my eyes beamed at Darian.
I would love to hug him, but we weren't alone in the busy harbor.

Darian put his hand on my shoulder and led me to Olni's gate.
"There was a time when I lived here for a short while, I'll show you the city ........ come on," he whispered in my ear and then turned to the approaching man in a blue tunic.
"Welcome Scribes" waved a dark voice towards us.
But the man with darker hair, which was streaked with numerous silver threads, seemed to be BLUE too, and then greeted Darian like an old friend. The gate was opened for us and we were welcomed to Olni.

When Darian introduced me to the other citizens, who quickly gathered around us as if we were a rare specimen of a kaillas, as his "fiancee", I just smiled happily and still had to get used to being called that by him.

The first moons over Olni rose and it was time to get back on board the ship. The three of us continued our journey, up the Vosk River to Sais.

Swanja decided to travel on, across the Vosk Delta, then on another ship, across the Tamber Gulf, to Genesian. She had heard that a herbalist meeting was about to take place there.
We hugged Swanja to say goodbye and warned that she should take care of herself. I hired a mercenary to guard and protect Swanja and hoped that in 3 hands (weeks) she would make it to the FC in time.
Darian told me that it was his wish that Lady BB, his beloved mother, perform the ceremony.
Together, with his hand on my shoulder, we walked towards the city.
Season .............................
and the gate would be opened for us by a kind elderly lady with white hair in a blue dress.
The City in a rural style with bourgeois houses, not so stately as Hochburg, becomes welcoming and friendly from the first sight.

We each took a room at the Inn for a few nights and went looking for a suitable house for Darian and a room for me to rent.

After some searching, Darian found a small house in the countryside and I found a room above a bakery in Händlergasse. In front of the bakery on the street there was a fish stall, next to it a tent with a soup kitchen. Mixed rumors of sweet bread and cakes, fresh fish and the fumes of onions and garlic from the soup tent constantly filtered through the open window into my room.
Even hanging up several bundles of lavender, which Swanja had brought to me, didn't really smell fresh.
Darians courting

Lady Tygera

Every day we wait for work in the building of the Blue Caste, but the city was quiet in this regard, so it was incomprehensible to us that HoC Lady Tygera was constantly running back and forth annoyed and excited and moaning about work, constantly calling for help, but it we never got any work. If you spoke to her, she reacted nervously and irritated and often misinterpreted the tones. If you were sensitive you could have been offended, the way she commanded and disciplined, or made claims that she would not be informed, which of course was not the case in any way, did not exactly make her my friend. But I found new and warm friends in Lady Nova and her likeable FC Sir Sennar. Lady Nova used to belong to the Caste of Players, but since she got Sennar as FC she wears the dark blue of the Scribes. Your FC Sir Sennar is the AHoC in town and I suspect he doesn't have a good standing with your boss there either.

Weeks went by and we still hadn't been given proper assignments in the caste. In the meantime, numerous players flooded the city, everywhere in every alley the game boards were placed on the ground and played,
One saw men in rich robes and also men in simple, worn trousers and jackets.
Robes of all colors and castes mixed with the colors of the players. Free women, among them no doubt some talunas or panthers, knelt on cushions in front of the boards, addicted to the tsar's game.
Slave girls played with free men and cheered with joy when they won and after the game disappeared like a trophy behind the walls of the house with one or the other free man.

It was interesting to watch the hustle and bustle for a day or two, but it wasn't in our world. I would also never deign to kneel in the alleys and play, apart from the fact that I would never understand and never want to learn this game anyway.

But these weeks passed and calm returned.
Darian had the idea that we should start a new newspaper from this planet, put our energies and work into making the country and its cities known.
We had our hands full for the next few weeks, my room would become the publisher's office, the logo had to be designed, layouts printed, discarded and re-printed in a new way.
A printer machine had to be ordered and when it was finally delivered it was hard work hauling it up the stairs to the office room.

In the evenings I was always very exhausted and fell tired into the bed in Inn, which I have meanwhile moved back into.
Überschrift 6
One evening the Administrator called Nick all together into the Blues' building. Two new citizens wanted to swear on the Homestone, A scribe and a warrior took the oath.
We were asked and denied a current oath and asked for time, some things were not according to our spirit and justice and we just wanted to see how everything would develop.
I also said I'm still a Torvie at heart, and Torvies struggle with that oath, The north of this land, in Thorvalsland, Hrimgar Mountains and Northern Forests, the culture is more like that of Earth's early Vikings, Der Belief is different, they worship the old Norse gods Odin, Thor, Freya, Frigga, the Aesir, the tubs and the ancestors. The ancestors of this people came from ancient times on Earth.
So this people, from which I also come, had no homestone, they lived in clans.

My statement only tempted Lady Tygera to make further scathing remarks, which this time violated my honor.
Ai; that was her milieu, she was particularly good at it. Only in areas that are uncomfortable does she evade and not follow the law because it is not her law, but that of this planet G.
Just the other day I saw a slave girl traveling alone in this town come and deliver a message to the smith.
This slut didn't have any papers with her confirming her order, excuses the north couldn't write, although her message was in writing I didn't accept.
Morgana, as the girl called herself, was getting cheekier and showed no respect for a woman.
My reaction to her cheekiness was threats of punishment and kennel and cutting out her cheeky tongue.
Morgana angrily threw out death threats that her people would come to tie me naked to the bike and kill me. And threats kept spitting out, she ran away so fast I couldn't follow
There was no warrior around at the time whose help I could enlist.
The later conversation with the blacksmith of the town was not any better. He madly sided with the slut and threw information around my ears that he could not have known because he was not present when the event happened.
I've heard of people who have clairvoyance *one grins at the sight of this blacksmith*, but I wouldn't ascribe such an ability to this guy.
Darian overheard the dilemma of Morgana and the Blacksmith because he came up to me during my conversation with Morgana.
We reported the incident in the hope that it would be prosecuted, but as expected, Tygera made no move and just dismissed the incident, which is totally uncharacteristic of Gorean behavior.
Although free women have been sighted in this city with their hair down, their hair down, and their low cleavage plunging, by no means have these women been held accountable for either the Blue Caste or the Scarlet.

But.................Denying Darian the title of Magistrate in this town for not swearing on the Homestone, this woman was very good at that.
Unskilled scribes without a degree received from this HoC the post of magistrate, known in another town as a merchant.

Darian saw it as a personal insult to his person and I too had not gotten to know the lady from her best side,
We decided to leave this town, packed our things in many boxes, and had them brought to the dock and loaded onto a ship that went down the Vosk into the Vosk Delta.
There was nearby Turmus, the picturesque town of Windermeer!!
The decision to leave Sais was with a heavy heart, since friends had been made, but we cannot accept a HoC who thinks he is above the laws of planet G., especially since he behaves as if she rules the city, although a benevolent and friendly diplomatic administrator Nick there.
We also heard that we are not the only ones and that they have already turned their backs on the city because of this woman.

Arriving in Windermeer, we walked up to the town via the harbor, which was quiet at the time.
The citizens were all busy with their daily work, so the streets were not so busy. No loud screams and yells reached our ears and we smiled at this calm, a place where we could live and work peacefully.

We were received very friendly and friendly, offered us house and office. We were stunned by the size of both and really appreciate the admin's generosity.

Our crate was brought ashore and unpacked by numerous slaves and I began the design and decoration of our future home and the publishing of the newspaper.

And again began a new beginning full of hopes !!
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