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The Testament

Break ....................... Between the lessons, mentor and apprentice needed a break, my head was already smoking, from heels, rivers and cities.
We decided to enjoy the winter sun in front of the scribes' house, sat down at the little table and waited for a slave with strong black wines to appear soon.
I held my face in the warm winter sun, the temperatures are still very warm and pleasant here, unlike in the far north, which is now sinking into snow.
The sun warmed my face and I both laughed inwardly at the thought that my face would only be half tanned, the lower half, where the veil sits, would remain white.
It's good nobody sees it !!!

Soon a red-haired slave came running up with a tray of black wine and offered it to us with an enchanting smile, probably the most enchanting I've ever seen, in a humility and not as intrusive as most of the girls here land on the delicious Black wine.
We happily accepted this invigorating, hot refreshment and I found out that the girl's name is Tami.

After a while, Tami began to tell that she had met two travelers in town today who were looking for a clerk. Our attention was drawn to her when she went on to say that they probably wanted to make her will.
Allegedly, the free were afraid for their lives and were persecuted.

With a smile I heard how excited Tami was talking about the lady who wanted to give her, Tami, control of perfume and a bed.

Well, Darian and I didn't hear that and just grinned at each other:
Darian then said in a mild tone that it was not possible that a slave could inherit, and he wanted to close his eyes and would not have heard anything.

"But I would just as much like to sleep in a soft bed as on the hard fur"! wailed Tami.

Unfortunately, we would have to drive this reverie out of her pretty head.

"Just ask your master, the ambassador, if he'll allow you, but ask with the right words," I winked at Tami.
"Ask your master how he would decide if you got out of bed, which is automatically his property, since you are not allowed to own anything. Perhaps you are lucky and he will grant you!"

Yes, even slaves have their dreams, even if only a soft bed!
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