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Cartassa Fair11 whip radio_001.png
Whip Radio with DJ Volund Blackwolf provided a good atmosphere and dancing
The Cartassa Merchant Fair was a successful celebration with many visitors and traders from all corners of Gor.
Many traders set up their stalls in the market, such were the traders from Kargash with their exquisite perfumes and fragrances and the traders from the Oasis of Two Scimitars, with perfumes, and salts and the infamously excellent Paga Ubars Brak.
Noble fabrics and small animals were advertised as well as medicinal herbs, pottery, precious stones.
My eyes say nothing that was not represented.
Latest news was found at the Gorean Moons Gazette booth and a giant poster announced the new guild uniting Manufactions and Merchants, founded by Cartassa and Oasis of Opals, which is now open to all traders and manufacturers.
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