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Fire........Sinking of the Oasis

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One stroke of fate after another hits me and I have to pull myself together not to lose faith in the gods.
Not that I still fight enough to resist evil tongues, certain denials and lies that have been circulated about me, and also, I learned from first sources, Lady Jinny, the leader of the Blue Caste on Cartassa.
The Oasis of Opals was not under a lucky star, the Oasis did not live up to its fame.
Evil thoughts that want to harm you are more powerful than any murder tool and this bad aura was felt every day. The schemer wasn't far from me, just a two-hour walk across the dunes to Cartassa.
The fiend crouched in her chair and spread her lies and denials in all directions, hitting anyone who stood in her way and disagreed.
Luckily, he was soon chased out of town because no one could take the silly gossip anymore and had made mistakes by being unfaithful to the town.
No, I thought it couldn't get any worse, but it happened!
It was late at night when I was awakened by a loud crackle and rustle and an acrid smell.
Startled, I looked out the window and saw the whole oasis on fire, huge cylinders of fire shot towards the palace and I tried to escape but didn't get far. for the fire had already reached the Palace and burned in flames, the ceiling of the room broke and buried me, then darkness fell about me.
My last thought before sinking into the darkness was, "It was all for nothing!, am I going to mum and dad now?"
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What Happened After

Oh, I only know what I'm going to tell you now, I know it from what my twin sister Swanja told me. When I woke up I was lying in a hospital bed hooked up to machines in excruciating pain. Swanja sat crying on the bed, gently holding my hand, her beautiful blue eyes, which I had always envied, were swollen from days of crying and lack of sleep.

She was coming back from a trip and wanted to surprise me with her visit, when she saw the fire from afar, she ran to the palace collapsed by the fire and looked for me, found me injured and unconscious trapped under heavy beams and tried to help me, was but too weak. So she ran across the desert to Cartassa and got help. She screamed and screamed for help and more and more fire, ran to the palace, just burst in when the door wouldn't open for her. until he fell asleep in the Pasha's private chambers. She didn't seem to care about the consequences of simply visiting a man's private quarters as a free woman, her fear for me was stronger than reason should be.
In any case, my sister managed to wake up the Pasha, naked as the gods created him, he jumped out of his bed, but the fear for me didn't even shock Swanja, it's a good thing that he was alone in bed at the time. He alerted all citizens and visitors to the city, had everyone awakened, ran across the desert back to the opal oasis and took them to the infirmary in Cartassa. Many of the other citizens and guests of the city tried to put out the fire everywhere with good success, even if there were injuries here and there, fortunately there were enough doctors present in Cartassa and they were able to help quickly.

I could not mourn the loss of my homeland, the physical pain was too great, but Pasha assured me, and even Swanja, that we could find a new home in Cartassa.
at least we weren't homeless.
I have terrible scars on my face and body from my injuries, but I am alive and I thank the gods for it immediately.
And maybe someday there's hope, I've heard of that wondrous salve of the Priest-Kings, rare and insanely expensive.
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