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The End of a Love

(The following description is purely IC, because the true OOC reasons are nobody's business)
When a heavy sandstorm buried the Oasis of Seven Palms with the princess, the Emir fled, believing his Fc was dead. Residents on Cartassa saw the storm from afar and rushed to help. Someone found the unconscious princess, who then bravely got up and the oasis brought back to life under the name Oasis of Opals, and now ruled here as Tatrix.
Even if her heart was broken and she feels abandoned, she bravely wants to continue with her tasks.
She does not know Darian's whereabouts, and so after 2 hands she wants to report him as missing and have her FC dissolved by a Magistrate.

One day maybe she will find trust again or lost that trust forever!!!!
After some time the sand was removed from the houses, construction workers replaced some badly damaged buildings and the oasis shone in new splendor.
The Pasha of Cartassa Abu Harun Ibn Jabari, son of Pasha Kongo Rashid Umar ibn Jabari, came to Oasis of Opals one day with a worried face. I suspected that he would not bring good news and became increasingly restless.
What Sir Abu told me was devastating. Darian has resurfaced and is seeking shelter and an office in Cartassa. Although Darian, the Pasha's niece, Lady Zonta Leotie Hafida Bint Congo, daughter of Lady Safina Umar Bint El Congo, sister of Sir Abu, had caused me serious trouble by making claims and promises to a strange man that were not at all true corresponded.
As so often, Darian had confused people and names again, and as so often, I had to help him out of his misery. NO I was tired of doing it publicly again this time and waited until we were alone to see him say he was wrong hoping he would correct it but instead I only heard far fetched ones Accusations from him, which made me question the Emir's health.
So he was no longer considered missing and my disappointment grew.
Well, I will find ways to solve the FC early.
To suggest to Sir Abu that I might be under his protection, and as I travel extensively to work with the Gorean moons, a copy of the protection agreement would be of great use.
I know very well what advantages and what disadvantages such a contract has for me, because it would enable him to dispose of me as if he were a daughter.
but I had no choice, and I had no intention of doing another after the last event. It was like the sandstorm cleaned my eyes!!
So I nodded in agreement with Abu's suggestion and said that I would set up a contract for the next few days and bring him to Cartassa.
But I also drew up a contract that should seal the dissolution of FC and knowingly made another copy of it.
The next day, accompanied by a guard, I walked across the dunes to Cartassa, passed the house where Darian now lived as Cartassa magistrate, and knocked on his door to present him with the contract. No one answered, although footsteps could be heard in the house. So I slipped the contract through his door.
As I was almost certain the contract would go up in flames or be forgotten I would definitely give the copy to Sir Abu as he as the Pasha of Cartassa has the right, like a judge, to make and dissolve the FC contract. This is the right of Gors that not only the scribes but also the regents have these powers.
I go on to the palace and discuss everything else with the pasha, go through the contracts and he sends them to me sealed by messenger.
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