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Village of  Lara

Report Interview Lady Tatiana, Tatrix of Village of Lara



It was a rainy day when I started my journey to the Village of Lara again. We had been here some time before and were welcomed very friendly, an agreement was made with our Gorean Moons Gazette and we were also very pleased hear that the Emir is also a Magistrate and I am now an Advocate.

Lady Elosie, the HOC Merchent of Lara, casually told a story that really made me spit, it sounded so unbelievable and sad, and yet so true.

It was a matter of honor for me to get to the bottom of this and so I decided to travel again for an interview with Tatrix Lady Tatiana.

It involved stealing the town's name, which I must point out was the Village of Lara, which was formerly White Water River.

The fact of such theft is tantamount to stealing a Home Stone and should not go unpunished.

It is only thanks to the good nature of the Tatrix that there were no charges or contract killings.


I am now attaching the interview I conducted on 3/31/2022.


interviewed Person: Lady Tatiana, Tatrix of Village of Lara

hereinafter referred to as Tatrix.


interviewer Person: Bryjana El Nairad, Chief Editor

hereinafter referred to as Gorean Moons(GM).



GM: she takes off her Veil and takes another deep breath, although her voice is soft and melodious, there is still the undertone of a torvie and she smiles:

"we put a newspaper rack here yesterday, lady, and i heard about the stealing of the town name and would like to Report about it in the next issue


Tatrix: I am Tatiara Esharham, Village Leader here since we are in the North.

Callisto Grimwald is who started posting Adverts for the second White Water around March 11th, we Opened Our White Water March 6th I believe.who started posting Ads for the second White Water.

they tried saying they had been open since November 2021 but when I went looking for names on the Gorean Map that were not taken, White Water was not on any Map, there were no groups, no land with the name, so how if they had been open for so long why could I not find them

I looked for 2 weeks before picking a name.

we were a small 1/4 sim so we were just that a small port we are much more, a simple build, a new type of build like Old Gor used to do.


GM: i understand i have visit a white water city but here are the owner ayita meastra(naybabe) and Kymir Pardus(Gabe Constantine) , it seems there are two sims with the same name, some time ago i visited White Water River, these exist no more.


Tatrix: that second white water was us ,we moved here about a week ago .


GM : and as for the opening of the stolen white water, you can find out when the sim was bought.

Have you done anything about this name steal?


Tatrix: I did, LL said, since they weren't full duplicates, there was nothing they could do.

She came to our build, read our rules/laws then opened her White Water,her Sims build is similar to ours just bigger scale with more rl money backing her at the time.



GM: it's only going to get worse, so the same cityscape* shakes his head angrily Because i would say as an that stealing a city name is the same as stealing a Homestone .


Tatrix: I agree. If they were open in November and closed due to low numbers why reopen after we did.


GM: one should lay the handwork to these people, so you were forced to build everything from scratch


Tatrix : their build doesnt look gorean in my opinion.It's more like ancient Rome

or greece. Our build was alot of what you can see here. We were able to get a full sim by the grace of the Priest Kings and some hard work


GM : you have a beautiful Nordic village, Lady Tatiana


Tatrix: Thank you , That was our goal . White Water and Lara are so remote that being all brick or sand would be very expensive and unrealistic.

We wanted to start small and grow but many people wont go to a 1/4 sim or a 1/3 sim or even a Homestead.

perhaps, I think karma will get people when its their time, I have put my focus into our new build, into our new home, we are 34 people strong and this is Day 5 since our opening here.


GM: I congratulate you on this success


Tatrix: We welcome anyone as long as they follow sim rules and do not bring OOC drama to our sim, we are willing to adjust the build within reason if people can prove why something is needed.


GM: Thank you Tatrix for this detailed interview, I'm sure our readers will be as shocked by this as I am .


Tatrix: Thank you Lady.



Editor's note



White water( who stole the name was on )


bought tue, jun.15. 2021 20.49


It can be seen that this sim was formerly under a different name, which then closed in November 2021 and reopened in March under the name White Water, albeit after the opening of the original White Water River



Bryjana El Nairad

Chief Editor

Grand Opening in Village of Lara

After writing the interview in the office of the Scribe Buildings of Lare and attaching it to the new edition, we drank with the Tatrix of Lara Blackwine and Ka-La-na-wine. On this occasion she informed us that the next day the grand opening of the Village of Lara would take place and we were invited. At the same time, we were offered to stay in lara, which we unfortunately had to decline because we ourselves have obligations in the Oasis of Seven Palms, but we decided to help out here as scribes, magistrates, and advocates when the opportunity and need arose.
A so-called part-time residence. Lady Tatiana Esharham, the Tatrix, immediately gave us the keys to the city and also a house to live in when we are here. At such kindness, accommodatingness and kindness, I almost cried, because the past taught me that it is not a matter of course.
The opening with the music from Whip Radio was a big hit and made us all dance and party!!
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