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Many Moons passed after Halvar's return.
A time when we got to know each other.
Though I could see a soft core behind a bear's rough fur of man, if he faced me and looked into my eyes and smiled, I gathered all sorts of stones to build, thicken, and raise the wall.

We spent the time with many conversations and also some excursions on which he accompanied me.
I began to love his sense of humor, even if I didn't admit it to myself. But he actually made me laugh a lot and brought me out of my inner isolation.

In a thoughtless moment of emotion, he finally stole his way into my heart, tearing down the inner wall and capturing and stealing my heart as our lips first met in a tender kiss.

The date for our handfasting was set and the party planned. In Gudvangen we found what we were looking for, a Nordic snowy village where we will receive our ceremony by a Godhe.

In the meantime, the city of Ar has been rebuilt and I could move into the new headquarters of the Gorean moons Gazette. We moved into a cozy little apartment on the upper floors of the same house.
hands fasting_edited_edited_edited.png
We now write the 1st day 1st hand 12th month 10,173 Contasta Ar.
I am on a ship, on a ship with an uncertain destination, as I write these lines.
But let me tell you what happened:
Halvar was on one of his again long trade trips and meanwhile many moons have passed again without me having received any news as to whether he is still alive and where he is. The date of our handfasting is getting closer and closer, all the preparations that I had planned in his absence have already been made.
But more and more fear is building in me, fear that something terrible has happened to Halvar.
A few more days, maybe I can wait another hand, then I have to cancel the handfasting planned in Gudvangen with a heavy heart.

Has the chapter Halvar & Bry already found a tough end. An end before everything really began??
I feel like I'm standing on a big heap of shards, sharp shards and splinters are buzzing around me and a sharp splinter painfully penetrated deep into my heart.
I vowed never to open my heart again because I never want to suffer again.
But when you think it can't get any worse, it comes with full force.
Yesterday I was still in my office, the main quarter in Ar. 
Ar, which is also called the jewel of empire, when suddenly I heard a rumble and in the midst of it the loud voice of Ubar Uthre:
"Everyone out of the houses and onto the mountains, quick. quick !!!!"
I quickly grabbed some important documents and we all ran out and ran as fast as we could up the mountain in sadar. The rolling became louder and when we turned around we saw a huge wave rolling towards Ar from theThassa, something so huge, I've never seen it as big as a mountain.
The tsunami hit the land with full force and smashed and smashed everything.

When the water retreated back into the sea, it felt like it was taking all my strength and hopes with it.......Ar was destroyed.
The water left only barren land, no more houses stood, it seemed as if Ar had never existed.
I have probably not only lost my love but now also my home.
Now the ship is sailing on the Thassa and I don't know where it will lead me.
A sudden unrest on the ship made me stop, as the captain stormed into my cabin and announced in a deep, grumpy voice that they had broken the mast and had to dock in the next port.
That port was City of Venna and like if the gods were kind to me again, the opportunity arose to find a new home here and I opened a new HQ for the Gorean Moons Gazette.

Halvar is in the City of the Dust, his Merchant Ship has never been seen again and is probably on the ground of Thassa !!

And so a Story ends before she started!
The gods did not give us much time for each other, and Halvar was too often on travels.
May he be better where he is now!

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