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Return to Life

Return to life

Yesterday a new physician came to town and I consulted the lady who introduced herself as Lady Renate.

We talked and strangely enough, I quickly gained confidence in this woman, which is not a matter of course, as I am a very suspicious person towards people.
Renate seemed very compassionate and almost motherly to me.
After a while I told her about my fate and that at the last Sardar mass I heard some physicians talk about a method that, in a sleep-like state, can bring memories back up from memory.
She nodded and said: "Aii, hypnosis, could help you, but there are no guarantees that the blockages can be resolved".
“I would try anyway, do I have anything to lose, Lady Renate? No, when can you give me an appointment, I would also like the magistrates to be present as a witness. "
We made an appointment for the next evening and already excited I left the infirmary and went to bed early.
The next day

The work didn't really want to go out of hand, because my thoughts wander again and again in the direction of Infirmary and what is in store for me.
Finally after countless scrolls of learning, and even more scrolls with forms of some kind and some arrest warrants, I packed up my things and went to the real Infirmary, and the closer I got to the building with the green banner and the staff of Aesculapius, my steps slowed and mine Heart pounded wildly with excitement.

Renate: lie down comfortably on the bed
Renate steps back from the bed a little
Bryjana Thoredottier: nods and lies down on the examination couch and makes herself comfortable
Renate: chooses a comfortable position so that the support does not press anywhere and the arms lie relaxed next to the body
Bryjana Thoredottier: slips back into a comfortable position and nods
Renate: would you like to take off the veil?
Renate: If the magistrate doesn't come, it would be better without the veil

Bryjana Thoredottier: I don't mind, I'm a Torvie, but if the magistrate should come, I think it's better he doesn't see my face

Renate nods: The main thing is that you can breathe freely and undisturbed
Bryjana Thoredottier: if you think so * takes off her Veil

Renate: and I'm actually a Torvie too, my last name is Galvinsdottir (smiles)
Bryjana Thoredottier: that's ja.ja .......... wonderful, you will surely get to know my twin sister Swanja one day, she also lives here

Renate: I'd be happy, then we have a lot to tell each other; but now close your eyes, relax and begin to breathe calmly and evenly
Bryjana Thoredottier: tries to breathe calmly and deeply

Darian: I ring the doorbell and waitRenate calmly goes to the door and opens it. Tal sir, just in time, we were just about to startDarian: Tal Lady we metRenate: I'm Lady Renate, the new doctor in this townDarian: please, I don't want to disturb youBryjana Thoredottier: Already mumbles in a resting phase: no, please stay DarianDarian: yes, I doBryjana Thoredottier: smiles a little relievedRenate begins to speak in the Nordic dialect again: so again: please close your eyes and breathe evenly and deeplyBryjana Thoredottier: inhales deeply into the stomach again and exhales again through the nose, the breaths become deeper and deeperRenate: tries to feel how your body rests on the mat .. your arms .... and legs .... and your whole body ....Bryjana Thoredottier: focuses on the voice of the physicianRenate continues to speak in a calm but clear voice: feel how your breath flows into your lungs, deeper and deeper, down to the finest branches, feel how you become more and more calm and relaxed .....Renate: ..... .. now let a picture appear in your inner eye, a picture of the day you found yourself on this beachBryjana Thoredottier: her eyes become heavier and she closes themImages suddenly pop up in your mind's eye - she's not on a beach, but onLying on a board and in the middle of the Thassa, a man, a warrior had pushed her onto the board, on which she was now soaking wet and injured, he himself clings to the board or plank with his bloody handsscreams: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Renate continues speaking in a calm voice: You are safe now, nothing can happen to you anymore, I am at your side ... can you describe the man who is there with you in more detail? Bryjana Thoredottier: her eyelids twitch and you can see that her eyeballs begin to roll under her closed lids, she speaks in a lower voice, rather monotonously: aii he's a warrior of ours, a warrior Skerry, he's with me as a guard ....... big and strong, and with black long hair

Renate continues: You are safe now, nothing can happen to you ... please ask Skerry what happened, why you are both injured and why you are lying on this board?

Bryjana Thoredottier: laughs, Skeery is our place where we live Skerry of Var, .............. NO Svennnnnnnnn, don't let go, please, don't leave me here alone ....... ........ NOOOOO................. his hands slip ................... he sinks .................. decreases ......... always ............ deeper ........ ..... I don't see him anymore ..... then it turns black
Renate continues to speak calmly to Bryjana: You are here with me, nothing more can happen to you ... now let your mind travel back one day from that day until a new picture appears in your inner eye ... what can see Her?
Bryjana Thoredottier: breathes deeply and calmly and after a while she says: "Laugh ...... hug ................. Mother and father and Swanja say goodbye to me for the trip to Avian Isle, warriors drag full chests with the slaves onto the ship


.......... Ship casts off, everyone waves
Renate: Your mother and your father are with you, and you are sailing on Avian Isle .... You are on the ship ... what happened then?
Renate: Your mother and your father are with you, and you are sailing on Avian Isle .... You are on the ship ... what happened then?
Bryjana Thoredottier: just me, everyone stayed at home, just me on the ship with 10 of my father's warriors

Bryjana Thoredottier: just me, everyone stayed at home, just me on the ship with 10 of my father's warriors

Renate: I'm with you, I'll stand by you ... the storm is raging around you, a fire ...... you are there Bryjana Thoredottier: everyone wants to put out ........... fire. ........ the storm is getting stronger ,,,,,,,,,, Mast breaks and hits me ....................... .... water ......... can't breathe ............. deeper and deeper ............... black

Überschrift 6

Renate: try to breathe deeply and calmly, you are with me, you get enough air ... what happened next?
Bryjana Thoredottier: Hands grab me ................ and push me onto this plank

Bryjana Thoredottier: nods. tears run down her cheeks
Renate: his name is Sven?

Renate: can you remember the names of your parents?

Bryjana Thoredottier: aii, Sven our Einar,
aii. Father is called Thore, mother Brigdet and then my twin sister Swanja was there, * giggles * we did a lot of mischief as children and made a fool of many

Renate smiles imperceptibly before she continues: What is a happy childhood at the side of your parents and your sister?

Bryjana Thoredottier: aii * her voice suddenly sounds like a 5 year old girl and giggles: It's our birthday today and we have our favorite food. Whale meat wrapped in bacon with herb sauce and butter rice and fresh carrots as a salad ................................ boh ... eaten that much .................... are looking forward to playing with the new toys
Renate: remembers the taste of the food, the joy you felt that day, tried to recognize the faces of your parents who made an effort to make your birthday beautiful ...
Bryjana Thoredottier: Mother scolds us because we're fidgeting with excitement at the table, and Father laughs ... have got new dolls and a doll's house that Father has built
Renate: With what name do your parents call you?
Bryjana Thoredottier: they call me Bry, but actually my name is Bryjana, I'm already big * giggles, and Swanja they always call Swan, but she may prefer to be called swanja, but mother and father are grown up and are allowed to

Renate nods in agreement: well ... look again at the faces of your parents and your sister, take in the feeling of this happy moment and save it deep inside you ... then slowly begin to return to me in this Space to come back ... breathe deeply and stretch and bend your arms vigorously, take your time to get here again …

Bryjana Thoredottier: aii ... say mother, I don't want to be called like cheese, she laughs and takes me in his arms ,,,,,,,,,,,,, is beautiful and warm, father, I love father and Swanja too. can not say who more ......................... blur
Renate waits quietly until Bryjana opens her eyes again and sits up
Bryjana Thoredottier: moves and opens her eyes slightly, looks a little confused as if she has come out of a deep, restful sleep and her gaze falls on Darian, she realizes that she had put down the Veil for the treatment and her hand is looking for him on the bed
Renate: how are you now, Bryjana?
Bryjana Thoredottier: Embarrassed, quickly puts on the veil: good, as if I had slept soundly, Lady Renate
Renate: Do you still remember all the pictures that were just shown?

Bryjana Thoredottier: she digs through her memory and nods: ii I see pictures from the dream
Renate: now you know again who your parents were, what their names were and what they called you?
Bryjana Thoredottier: Thore and Brigdet
Renate: and the voyage that led to that Targian misfortune? and the warrior who valiantly sacrificed his life to save you?
Bryjana Thoredottier: my father is ....... oh no, he was ................... they are dead ......... ....... * is crying now because she knows how much she loved her parents
Bryjana Thoredottier: nods with tears and sobs of sadness
Renate: he served you true to his oath to the end, he died with honor - but you live and are here with us now
Bryjana Thoredottier: aii ............... I wanted to go to Avian Isle to negotiate diplomatic talks
Renate nods: You will need a while to digest and internalize all of this, we could like to talk about it again tomorrow, for today you should relax and maybe treat yourself to a good bowl of black wine
Bryjana Thoredottier: nods, a good idea


, am already addicted to Blackwine, keep me company lady
Darian: a terrifying and at the same time fantastic experience, to discover the true origins of Bryjana and to finally be able to walk confidently and with a raised head to something extraordinary
Renate nods: yes, it's always nice to see when a ghost returns to normal

Bryjana Thoredottier: finally I don't feel empty anymore and like nobody !!




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