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Cartassa Desert & FC Renewal

Our travels took us far north where we were able to strike deals at Gudvangen, via Jasmine, Isle of Anango, back via Port Kar into the Vosk Delta, down the Thassa Cartuis to Cartassa,
A caravan awaits us from the river bank, leading us through the desert to the gates of the oasis town of Cartasa Dessert, whose golden towers gleam in the evening sun that almost blinds them.

As soon as our caravan could be seen on the horizon, some warriors and Lady Safina Uma Bin El Congo, daughter of the Pasha of Cartassa, gathered. Unfortunately, Pasha Congo has been missing for some time.
However, we have heard that Cartassa is not giving up the search for her pasha and has appointed an interim pasha, Sir Abu Jabari.

Safina is a distant relative of Darian's whose mother is Lady Mae, an aunt of Darian's, and throughout the journey I could feel the joyful uneasiness in him at seeing his family again.

We saw the crowd of people at the gates of Cartassa, who apparently prepared themselves for a fight as a precaution when they saw our caravan with our entourage. Only when they recognized Darian in his magnificent robes of the Emir's, a cheering of joy broke out and we were greeted warmly and entertained.
The joy of the reunion was great and Darian was able to clear up some misunderstandings from the past with his relatives,
So came what was inevitable, we were asked to stay, however aware of the responsibility of our own Oasis of Seven Palms and its people ,we agreed to frequent longer stays and visits and agreed to a service contract as Magistrate and Avdocate with the City of Cartassa
It was already getting dark and the sun was sinking its last rays onto the hot desert sand.
We had much to talk about and they set us up a house where we could work on the Gazette undisturbed when we were here in Cartassa. There were nice private quarters above the Gorean Moons branch.
Soon the 3 moons would be circling high in the sky and as I looked up at the sky my heart got heavy, very heavy and I choked back my tears. With all this reunion, Darian had forgotten that today, when the moons are up, our free social contract expires.
I lifted my head proudly, I don't want to show any weakness, even if the pain is deep and the disappointment great, but that's life for a woman on this planet.
Darian and I were just outside the house when I thought it was all over. I took off my veil and stood on tiptoe and kissed him tenderly on the mouth one last time before turning and hurrying to the INN where I would take a room as I was no longer allowed to live in that house. The pain in my heart suppressed hope that I could at least continue my work at Gorean Moons.
Tired and sad, I sat down on the bed in the common room, still fighting back tears, when I heard the door open and Darian burst in with two mugs of Ka-la-na wine, took off his shoes and sat on the bed and handed me the cup.
I would appreciate his gesture, but both he and I knew it wasn't legal, so I just shook my head so he wouldn't see the wet glint in my eyes.
" No"! I said firmly "it wouldn't be legal and you know it and I won't submit to though I will always love you." I lifted my chin defiantly and my eyes sparkled but with anger and disappointment "but the time it's over, it's too late!"
Darian's silence made things even more difficult, his breathing ragged and his eyes darting to the heavens when he suddenly jumped up without a word and put his shoes back on as he ran, not realizing that he'd grabbed two different shoes and was running out .
THAT WAS IT !! I saw the goblets on the floor, the wine sloshing across the floor as Darians dropped them, and now I couldn't hold back my tears.
Only a few Ehns seemed to have passed, which felt like Ahns when there was a knock on the door and a deep voice asking for entrance.
A massive Kajrius, presumably from the silver mines of Tharna, now stood in the room with his legs apart, after kneeling down briefly in greeting and asking me to follow him, he seemed to be in a hurry.
"Why should I?" "Mistress, follow me, otherwise I'd have to carry if you don't come, that's my job!"
So before I let this guy pick me up and throw me over my shoulder, I silently nodded and followed him, but I don't know why.
He led me into the café, where the smell of black wine and fresh pastries hit me, but God knows why, I didn't feel like black wine.
So I lifted my face and saw people standing in the cafe, there was Darian, Lady Safina, a lady in blue, obviously a scribe and a warrior. Darian smiled and learned who these people were, the warrior was Sir Ace and the scribe was the HOC of Cartassa Lady Lam's caste.
Lady Safina now speaks for me and asks loudly: "Are you ready and willing to extend your FC's contract, time is of the essence but it is not too late, the contract is valid from the signing and not from the contract start ceremony, we should." " hurry up, if you agree, we should go to the Scribe Tower quickly!
With wide eyes and a halting voice, I nodded and just said. I want...!"
Our contract was quickly renewed, we drank the wine of love again, promising to love  foreverand honor each other again, each in their own words from the heart. And behind me, indeed, I heard a heavy sob from the warrior as he heard our mutually renewed vows.
Even though everything happened in the last EHN, it was the best thing that could have happened to me anyway and I beamed at Darian, relief and a smile could also be seen when Lady Lam handed him the signed and sealed extension contract for good,  also signed by the witnesses Sir Ace and Lady Safina and her self.
We thanked him, and after a while Darian urged us to leave, we entered the newspaper house that had been prepared for us and went upstairs to our chambers. We held each other tightly on the bed for a long time until tiredness closed our eyes.

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