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The days are getting shorter and the nights longer.
Autumn storms sweep across the land and the people of Teletus hide behind their warm chimneys
The beating of Thassa's gout can be heard as far as my office, and I lit the nearest candle on my desk to continue writing.
The wind shakes the wooden shutters like bleaching bones.
I sighed and shook my right wrist, which had been aching from days of writing so many scrolls for the Gazette.
I still haven't found any help and I often don't know what and where to be first.
But the work also distracts me from my loneliness and especially in these days that are getting darker and darker, the longing for the north begins to boil up in me more and more. The memories of my beloved parents, God bless you Odin, the high mountains, the harsh wind and the white snow that is already beginning to fall in the mountains, laying everything under a white blanket that looks like powdered sugar.

I pull myself out of my thoughts and try to refocus on my work, and yet the thoughts keep slipping away.
A lot has happened in the last few weeks.
One of my offices on Black Jewels Island was washed up by the Thassa and the island sank, but as often happens when a door slams, the nights are already opening.
So I was able to open more branches in Isfahan and Egeria.
Yesterday on one of my trips to the settlement I met a city messenger who told me that the Cartassa Desert Oasis was destroyed in a riot. The Pasha Abu left the oasis and many citizens followed him.
Rumor has it that the oasis lives on under a different name. The messenger could not tell me who the pasha is, only that there must be great confusion.
"Aye, bickering city women are never good," jokes the
messenger before disembarking in Port Kar h
At least my escape from the then Pasha of Cartassa Abu, who threatened to enslave me if I canceled our previously only verbal protection contract, achieved what I wanted.
I retained my freedom in every respect and the protector contract expired.
Now Abu could no longer exercise his power over me.

BUT ........................
Now I'm alone again, at the mercy of the dangers of this world.
In the North, in every town and village, no matter how small, there are laws, written or unwritten, that every single free woman is automatically under the Jarl's protection.
There are so-called Free Womans Houses where they live with the other Free Women without company or protection. Either the FW live together in large dormitories or depending on the prosperity of the town or village, in your own room in this FW house.

Everything is different here in the south.
Here we live FW in our own houses. Most free women have their protectors.
If you don't have one, you have to be careful not to become fair game three times as often!

I hope to continue to be strong enough to defend and assert myself and get through this winter well.
At the moment I can only live from one day to the next and keep praying to the gods of my heart for my freedom.
A Hand later

When I visited my office in Port Kar I was amazed, Sir Abu is back as Naked Merchant and Council Captain.
Cartassa has undergone a transformation, many residents have fled the oasis with the Pasha, and the new ruler, whoever it may be, has renamed the oasis the Silver Stone Oasis.
So Cartassa died a silent death!

Sir Abu wanted to reinstate me as a ward and also asked me to join his crew, but I dodged that request as I live in Seaport Teletus, to which I am loyal.
Unfortunately, however, Teletus was devastated and we residents and citizens found refuge in the mountains around Teletus.
The destroyed city is to be rebuilt as AR. Jewel of the Empire.
I would also like to give AR a chance as faithfully as Teletus.
It remains to be seen what will happen and what will happen in the future!

In the branch in Isfahan I found additional asylum and got to know the Merchant Sir Halvar there, a Gem Merchant and a Northman and countryman.
Sir Halvar, without many words, immediately declared as protector after a few brief conversations we had.
At the same time he announced that he would court me, which simply left me speechless.
Luckily for me, he went on a longer trading trip of 6 hands shortly afterwards, so I had time to think and catch my breath.
In Isfahan a Kur fell into the city and shot wildly and I was injured too, but completely healed by the hands of the good Physicians Isfahan.
The Khan of Isfahan then called on everyone in the country to bring him any arrows that could be found and awarded large rewards to those who found them.

After some calm has returned, I continued to develop the Goeran Moons Gazette in Gor and built two new branches in Kasra and in Husvik.
Trought Husvik there are already 11 branches, in addition to the main office, which fills me with pride.

But the calm didn't last long
It's war !!!!!!!!!!!!
War between Slavers Port an adjacent location of Kasra and Belnend.
Kasra went to war side by side as Slavers Port's allies, and Belnend enlisted the Taharis Two Scimitars as allies.

And so I sit between the chairs and warring factions and try and remain neutral as a journalist, because in Two Scimitars, like in Kasra, I have a branch of the Gorean Moons Gazette and hope never to get caught between the fronts.

The gods help me !!!!!!!!!!!!
Autumn is coming to an end and the first snow has already fallen. the north has been under a deep white blanket for a while.
A time of contemplation has dawned, and memories come up painfully. Homesickness gnaws at me and it takes more and more strength to overcome it.
Maybe it's because of this dreary autumn that is now turning into winter.
Today on 3rd Day 8th Passage Hand 10,173 Contasta Ar, I opened my 12th branch in Isle of Daphna.
May the gods protect this place from bad gossip.
Bry Branch Daphna1_001.png
Bry Branch Daphna_001.png
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