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Very soon the annual En-Kara Fair was to take place at the foot of the Sadar Mountains and we packed all the necessary things in many boxes and set out on the arduous, long journey there. To get a good market stall we had to be there in time and we wanted to present the Gorean Moons Gazette there.
After days of traveling by ship and on foot, we reached Sadar exhausted in the evening and looked for a place to stay.
It was already very busy, people ran back and forth excitedly in their colorful robes. The air was heavy with various smells of food, spices, paga, and sweat.
We were lucky and found a nice room in an inn and after a good night's sleep, we went to the market the next morning after a hearty breakfast.
Slaves were busy hauling crates and setting up and after some searching we found the Market Manager. A man with fair Skin and very blond, longer Hair who had 2 naked Kajiras on his Chain. Classy women, one red-haired, the other black-haired. I tried to ignore Darian's envious look !!
The market manager led us through the alleys of the Market, past the many large tents in the various cities, to a large stand in the Area of the high Castes. Satisfied with the space, we negotiated a good Price and had the crates brought and started clearing the Stall.
We shall see
what are brings us the Fair
To be continued...I will continue to report here about the En-kara Fair
From April 13th to April 20th this year's En'Kara Fair took place with a huge success.

The Gorean Moons Gazette offered the latest issue of the Gazette free of charge at its stand and was able to win other cities that will be presented in the Gorean Moons.

Every day there was a lot of activity and here and there you could also see strange figures walking through the Fair.
Figures with Giani's ears and Giani's tail but of a voluptuous human shape, who always gave out loud meows between their words, or a woman dressed in an open tunic, slit to the hips, the upper body covered with a kind of armor, with Overknee Boots pointed heels, probably from the earth ,and ears ,pointed and long. In a book from Earth I read about these fantasy characters, it was sort of a fairy tale book and there were characters depicted as Elven. I remember the title Dare Anything from Middle Earth and Lord of the Rings.

Caste meeting was held, Here met the scribe, the blue caste, and there in the other tent the green.....further back the red, the scarlet ,Warriors of Gor.
Hidden behind tall trees one found the black tents of the Assassins, Kajiras in black silks stood dancing and swaying their hips in front of the entrances.
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