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The Exam



The sun had not yet risen when I woke up that day after a bad night with many nightmares, stretched my limbs and then bathed and dressed. I carefully selected a rather understated dress and tied my hair in a knot at the nape of the neck.

Today it will be decided whether the many learnings will bear fruit, because today is the day of my examination.

After many hands (weeks) of waiting for the HoC of the blue Caste Thentis, or its representative, Lady Monica, to find time for the exam, Sir Darian, the magistrate, decided to be my examiner.

I grabbed the books on the table under my arm and ran into the classroom, sat down at one of the little tables and waited for the big maestro to chew on my quill pen.

It doesn't take long before Darian, with a billowing blue cloak, came around the corner and stepped into the classroom. The tall magistrate walked to the podium with long strides and a slight smile played around his lips when his eyes met me.


The test would be carried out orally, he asked questions, I answered with a pounding heart, but was relieved every time, with each of his questions, that I knew the answer.

After what seemed endless to me, Darian rolled out a scroll with a smile, put his seal under it and handed it to me: From today, Lady Bryjana, you are a full Scribe, congratulations on graduation.

My heart leaped with joy as I took the scroll, the diploma, and put it safely in my pocket, as if it were my greatest treasure. The blue caste of Thentis had been informed of my graduation from Sir Darian, but I already knew that my time in this city has ended, new challenges drew me away from here.

I talked to Swanja about it and she said to me: "I'll go wherever you go, sis, I'll never leave you alone again, I sell my herbs everywhere, and herbs grow everywhere," smiled at me and hugged me and congratulated me. "I'm so proud of you, Bryjana!"


We pack all our things in huge boxes and let them be brought to the port by some city volleys.

The time to say goodbye came and Darian stood at the harbor. I saw a glitter and a moist shimmer in his blue eyes when he took my hand and said softly: "We will meet again, Lady Bryjana!" I could see my tears in my eyes and went on board the ship.

Swanja says goodbye to Darian quickly: I would be happy to see you again and your brother Orlando, be well sir! ”.. The ship cast off and we sailed into an uncertain future, the coasts and mountains of Thentis soon disappeared on the horizon.

SL Name on Certificate
The desire for a homestone and a true home grew in our hearts. We had not sworn on the homestone of Thentis, and neither had traitors.
Our planet has changed a lot over time. Life is no longer what it used to be. Citizens and residents of towns and villages no longer dare to walk on the streets, they entrench themselves in houses, huts and in their beds.
The laws of planet G. and the city rules are not obeyed. There is a mess where everyone does what they want.
Slaves behave like princesses, they are naked with their breasts, sometimes larger than the Voltai Mountains, wiggling and luring instead of going about their daily work. Rather spread your legs and moan is the motto of these many sluts and so the men are kept from G. from their tasks in the castles.

Free women (FW) show shameless behavior and are no longer condemned for it, ai, one not only tolerates it, man knows that THESE WOMEN only come to fuck and take what is free.
My sigh escapes my chest as I write these words in the little ship's cabin. Will there still be a true place somewhere where everything is at "OLD"?
Where everyone knows where their place is and how to behave?
I'm not giving up hope yet and will SEARCH until I FIND!

Somewhere there will be the HOMESTONE where I can live happily !!
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