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Escape from the Pasha

A guard excitedly reports that a strangely dressed person, presumably a woman, slim, with her head bowed, coughed up the gate and left Cartassa. The person was dressed like a man, with a dark cloak covering the entire face, but the warden's watchful eye recognized it must be a woman, unfortunately the alcohol level, from too much paga, was so high that the guard the person disappeared faster at night the guard was able to catch up with them, damn, the person was fast. the guard could see her turn and sigh before that figure disappeared into the night.

But how did it come about, let me tell you from the beginning:

The evening had already begun the day before when the caravan reached Cartassa, and I was relieved to be home after my long journey of convalescence.
I fell into bed tired and fell asleep immediately. the nightmares about the fire still come at intervals, but the recovery periods in my sleep are getting longer and i have recovered well.
I also met a Bond from the north on the trip who gave me the courage to look in the mirror again and see that that strange Priest-King ointment had really worked.

The next morning I happily got back to work planning an upcoming census so all the papers and documents could be brought up to date again. I decided to discuss this project with the Pasha and get permission to do it to get this census.
I packed my papers on the page I'd been working on and decided to take a break, stretch my feet and drink a strong black wine. I slowly descended the many steps in the Scribe Tower. I was almost down when I heard the voices of Pasha and Lady Lam. I paused for a moment and took a deep breath. It was after my trip, the first time I met the pasha again and I decided to meet him as friendly as possible, because his behavior towards me in the past often made me jump out of my skin, I often felt hurt and then the little one loki came up in bry, cheered him on proudly and made me constantly rebel against the pasha.
At the same time, de rPasha is an act that would turn any woman's head, and I suspect he knows that and uses it to his advantage. In his bedroom you could often see shadows that didn't just come from him. But I shouldn't care, I'm here to work and live in peace.
I stepped closer to Abu and Lam and greeted them warmly in the usual Gorean manner.
To my surprise, I was greeted back just as friendly by the Abu and it even seemed like he had a twinkle in his eyes, which made me smile slightly embarrassed under my veil.
I presented my census idea and asked his opinion. Both the Pasha and Lady Lam, the Ambassador of Cartassa, were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the project and I said I would proceed after the scheduled meeting of the scribes.
Abu looked at me and suddenly he asked where my office was in the tower, he needed to speak to me privately.
With Odin and Freya, what have I done wrong again, I thought quickly, but came to no conclusion and asked the pasha to follow me into the office. Instead of the sober offices, he preferred the meeting room, which I had comfortably furnished with sofas.
we sat down, he asked how i felt and how the trip was, and then it came...... he wanted me was to draw up a written contract of his Procetion to me, and he rejected the standard contract of the time and wanted his scribes to be drafted by someone else, which to date has not happened. so our agreement was on a verbal basis.
Given his behavior towards me, I don't know why he keeps trying to coerce or blackmail me, whether it's not telling me to wear a veil in his presence, or accusations of tax debts when I haven't received a listing, or a demand for payment live in fear and terror all the time, I also have to fight him all the time, which hurts me.
I prefer to meet him calmly to negotiate without constantly worrying about what he is planning next.
I took a deep breath as I started to reply asking him to break the agreement. I was certainly aware that I would be left vulnerable, but the constant rubbing is making me tired.
"Cancel?" He grinned. "You can't stop. Unless you want to be known as the Tatrix, whose word has no value!”

"No, I don't want that, but you know I don't like being commanded, especially things where the odds are in my side and allegations of guilt where I haven't received a single set-off. The other women fruit like this game, Pasha, not with me!"

Oops, there was more pride and rebellion in me, shit why always with this man, otherwise I stay calm and just smile tiredly at such actions.

  He got up and went to her and stood there like a tower. "All this after I saved your life?...that's the thanks I get?" he asked and gave her a deep look. "If you don't want it, our verbal contract and agreement ends as soon as I leave this're on your own..." he said.
I lowered my head, I'm uncomfortable with being on my own, but I don't want to be either
allow myself to be addicted, quietly I say to Abu:
"You know that I am grateful to you for saving my life, and I know that regardless of the contract, you could have made claims on the basis of that fact and have not, to your credit Sir Abu, but *a sigh softly escapes from my throat and I wipe away a tear* "past has shown that you like to overreach to put me under pressure, I'm sorry Abu. I don't want to live in constant fear of having to meet you, I want to be able to talk to you face to face, I don't want to feel like an underage child, I don't want to have to constantly bring out my pride and fight with you!"

"Then prepare to settle your affairs as a suitor. My men will come and get you. You will be enslaved. You have 24 hours.” With those terrible words, he turned and walked out!”

Stunned and speechless I sat there and looked after him, my eyes filled with angry tears.
no, not like that, not with me. I got up, stamped my foot on the floor and started packing some things.
Lady LAm in the side office must have heard the roar and came storming into my office and asked what was going on.
"I have to go, I have to flee, he won't see me kneeling, not with a collar around my neck. The terrible thing is that my only option is to flee, and no court in Cartassa would agree with me, since the magistrate is family heard of Pasha. It all makes me so terribly sad and angry"!

Lady Lam offered to help me escape, which I declined because the lesser know the better, I hugged Lam goodbye again and quickly disappeared up the scribe tower, ran down the streets to the house, stripped of all my clothes manly style and a black cloak with a deep hood that completely hid my face, quickly packed some things, ran to the bank and picked up my entire fortune and gold, and a small box of valuable opals.
That's how I'll be able to survive, be able to pay for the passage of ships.
The city was already in darkness when I slipped through the city gate hoping to remain unnoticed.
Ranted across the dunes to the burnt down oasis of opals to join a caravan from there.
At first I had the idea of ​​hiding in the mines, but that's where they'll probably look first when my escape becomes known.
I may visit some of my branches to work on and print the Gazette, but I know I can never stay in one place for long.

I don't want to kneel!!!

When the ship reached the port, it was covered in fog and so I managed to sneak off board unseen.
I ran under cover of night to the big city gate and as I ran I dug out a key from the city I owned because there is a branch of the Gorean Moons Gazette here. This would be a good hiding place, because I know a hidden underground way, from the city gate there is a tunnel almost to the house where the branch is located. so i can quickly go in and out of town disguised unseen. None of the residents will be surprised if I sit and work in the office, they know me.
But I also have to move, never stay in one place for too long. but for now until the next edition, which I still have to finish writing. this place would be ideal.

The night was restless, the worry and fear that someone would find me and put my collar on me, the idea of ​​kneeling before the Pasha kept terrifying me.
So I decided to get up early in the morning, take a hot bath and pull out a blue dress from the closet I have in all my stores and dress as a woman again. I'm known and respected here and the residents always give a lot of gossip to the Gazette.
The city is quiet at the moment as many residents are out in search of a strange medicinal herb. From time to time I get the travel reports that I will print in the next issue.

After tying my hair, which had again reached a respectable length, into two small buns at the back of my head with two bows the same blue as my dress, I walked down the stairs from my room to the office and sat at the bottom of my desk.

I had a piece of white parchment in front of me and I dipped the pen in the blue ink and wrote a letter to Swanja, my twin sister.
My beloved sister

I am writing you this letter today so that you do not have to worry, but I ask you to keep quiet about everything that is written here.
At the moment I am safe in a city from where I can also work.
If I have to travel for the Gazette, to check out the Gazette, or to make new contracts and deliver new givers, I don't go out of town naked.
Luckily I know the underground tunnels and paths here, from the dock through a small forest I know where the entrance is under the city walls and this leads directly in front of the Gorean Moons house.
That way I can get into and out of the city unseen at any time.
Please forgive me if I don't write you the name of the city, it would be far too dangerous for me.
I had to flee, maybe you've already found out the reason and I hope that the Pasha doesn't try to lure information out of you, it's also for your safety that you don't know where I'm staying.
Please take care of the Gorean Moons Gazette main office. and don't worry. I love you and will get in touch with you from time to time.
I will forward the message to you via detours, that it is not so easy to trace the way back.
Dear Swanja, take care of yourself!
Your loving sister Bryjana

p.s. I enjoy it here without the obligation to wear a veil !!

The day couldn't have started better, new contracts from cities interested in the Gorean Moons Gazette piled up on my desk, waiting to be processed.
But one should never praise the day before the evening !!
I was amazed when suddenly there was a knock on my door and Swanja entered.
How did she find me?
Oh I got that answer soon, but first we fell into each other's arms and cried softly at our reunion.
"I was so scared for you Bryjana, and that's when I got the idea to read your letter again more carefully. Do some research and since I know where all the branches of the Gorean Moons Gazette are, travel a little and here I am!" She smiled softly, as is her custom, giving me comfort.
"I also gave the letter to the magistrate, who wanted to talk to you and assured me that he would be non-party." And after a pause for thought, Swanja gave the hammer.
"But I.......I......... didn't come alone. The pasha is here too. We came together. He assured me that he didn't want to enslave you, and I believe so him that. Talk to each other, you stubborn people !"

"What ? Did you ? DONE SWANJA *she almost screamed the words out of my throat and dropped my arms and stood there frozen."Why, did you betray me?"

Swanja dropped her head and told me she didn't want to betray her, her explanations and assurances that everything would be fine just didn't get through to me. I was too deeply disappointed.
I will have nothing left over to receive the Pasha here and talk to him, maybe Swanja is right, maybe not. Then she has to live with the thought that she used her sister's collar and that she lost me.
Because through the enslavement your life, your identity which you now have will be erased!

I sent Swanja away, I was so disappointed, my tears ran down my cheeks as she opened the door and left.
I still stood frozen in the room, waiting for Abu, the Pasha of Cartassa, and my fate.
But I will not surrender without a fight, fortunately I know that the city guards of Violentia are nearby as my house is above the city gate and I will not hesitate to call for them..........
When the Pasha still didn't come to my office in Violentia the next morning, I hoped he had drunk too much of Lady Elain's extra strong liquor, said to be stronger than Paga, and even drank a bosk with a cup of that liqueur.

The latest issue of the newspaper had to be finished and I was looking for my seal. but I couldn't find it anywhere.
Assuming that the Pasha was still drunk somewhere in Violentia, I snuck out of the city in disguise through the underground tunnels, took the next boat, and headed to Cartassa to get my seal from my office.
In the darkness of the night, I crept through the empty streets of Cartassa to the Gorean Moons headquarters, quietly entered the office and searched the closets near the seal when I suddenly heard a familiar voice from Lady Lambada, a member of the blue caste : "Hello is someone there?"
I quickly disappeared out the back door into the darkness of the night, ran through the stars, and as I was passing the arena, I accidentally and carelessly stepped on a fallen branch. There was a bang and in the arena came a voice I know very well: Who is that !!
By all the gods, it's the Pasha, he's not in Violentia, he's here in Cartassa.
I pressed myself against the wall and crouched in a bush to hide.
It wasn't long and after several requests to come out, the pasha stood in front of the bush where I was squatting and threateningly asked to come out one last time. I stepped forward, trembling, and it came as it had to come, I had to take off my hood and show my face.
 Abu: "What the?" was the words that came out of his mouth seeing Bry, her face is familiar to him, how many times he had asked her to remove her veils..and she did.., looking to Kellen "Approach ..there is no danger" he sheathed his weapon and looked to Bry "What is all this..what does this mean..why..." he was clueless "where were you, we were lookign for you"
Excuses? No, I answered the truth in reply that I wanted my seal, ignoring the learned words of the Pasha's daughter, Lady Kellen, who wanted to discipline me like a silly little child, but knew from events why, why and why me acted like that, no idea.
Well, some women have that certain snooty feeling about feeling born to be taller. This lady doesn't even know who I am, only that I'm a scribe and HoC of the Cartassa caste. But I don't blame this still very young lady, life will still shape her.
Some exchanges and explanations later came the redeeming words of the Pasha:
"Yes, I came to Violentia to tell you that you are no longer in that are free to exercise your caste and business freely...alright?"
"I'm going to overlook this disguise thing for now. Keep your head down and do your job. I don't want to hear from you anymore. I may not be as gentle as this time. That's not a threat. A word of caution... Go home now and change your hideous disguise..."
The pasha dismissed me and I just thanked him, almost inclined to kiss his hands, which prevented my pride and after saying goodbye ran back to the house !!
Tears of relief ran down my cheeks and I was glad to see my neck free.
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