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The Protege

After long drives we finally arrived back in the oasis of the seven palm trees.
We were looking forward to some rest and relaxation, but that wish didn't materialize as the desks were overflowing with government documents.
Suddenly I pulled out a scroll that smelled of a lovely sweet perfume as if the parchment had been bathed in it.
I read "Lady Sabayna" as the sender, but also who the letter was intended for: "The Emir of the Oasis of the Seven Palms, Sir Darian EL Nairad"
With a slightly confused expression on my face I handed darian the letter to open and read, I remember lady sabayna from landa, an excellent perfumer, at the en kara fair I bought some of her wonderful fragrance creations myself. I wonder if Darain would tell me what the scroll said.
He read and handed the scroll back to me to read: "What do you think, dear, read and tell me what you think"!
Picking up the scroll again, noticing now that a second one was pinned to it, I read:

"Tal Darian,
I have a problem that I am writing to you about.My companion Yuroki has been absent for a long time. I need a protector for about a month or two.I thought of you because you are a longtime and good friend as well as a trusted ally and neighbor of Kargash.I would be very happy if you could take on the task. You would, of course, have all the rights that a lady's protector has on Gor. I would also be willing to move to your town during Yuroki's absence.You would be of great help. I look forward to hearing from you.
Many greetings
Sabayna "
The second scroll contained an attached contract between Lady Sabayna and Darian.
With a nod and a smile on my face, I returned the scroll: "You should sign and seal it, it is a good deed and I think Lady Sabayna needs all your help now"!
In fact, Landa and Kargash are not very far from us, only half a day's journey, and so Lady Sabayna arrived early the next evening.
In the palace we had an extra bedroom with a small separate bathroom and a large terrace with a breathtaking view over the Thassa. It was my private realm and my sanctuary, but I was happy to give up that space and leave it to Sabayna. I didn't mention it was my room, just told her it was a guest room, to put her at ease.
Sabayna should feel comfortable during her stay here and forget her grief over her companion's absence.
Sir Yuroki is the Editor of the Voice of GOR, with whom we are cooperating. Both gazettes take care of each other's distribution. We always add the latest latest Voice to our Gazette. It's been a while since the last release of The Voice.
Old injuries from the Salt War have left Yuroki in dire need of medical attention, even though this is in a far-off country where a new healing method could be used.
Lady Sabayna offered to help us with the Gazette during her stay, and I accepted her help with great gratitude, as the work of editing and procurement did not decrease but increased. We have now delivered our gazettes to over 40 towns and villages.
Through the FC at Sir Yuroki, Sabayna has gained a lot of experience in reporting and through her work as a businesswoman she travels a lot on the planet and is familiar with acquisitions.

We really hope that Lady Sabayna enjoyed her stay at the Oasis of the Seven Palms!!

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