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Port Kar Sword Tournament

one of the many events that took place in the next few weeks of the grand reopening of Port Kars under the Land Lady Madame Gyre.

After a very long time one of my many trips brought me back to Port Kar, the notorious pirate harbor run by 12 captains.
A messenger I met along the way told me that this time there is a new Land Lord, or rather a Landlady... Madame Gyre.
Well, I wouldn't be Bryjana EL Nairad if curiosity hadn't driven me back to Port Kar.
I found Madame Gyre very busy in a Pani-style neighborhood and it seems that many of the Panis settled here after some lands perished.

Madame Gyre, a truly imposing figure and a very kind and lovely woman, welcomed me to Port Kar, we struck up a friendship and signed an agreement with the Gorean Moons Gazette. Also, I was able to open my fourth branch in Port Kar and hope to find local reporters very soon. 
That's how I heard about the upcoming (9/7/22) Sword Tournament.I settled into Port Kar for the night, set up the office and strolled through the crowd to the arena the next day.A hustle and bustle made my eyes wander to the right and left and sometimes I didn't know where to look first. They were rich nobles of high castes in their elegant robes and their numerous veils. On the other side you could also see the poor people dressed in Robes without veils. The men were all armed and in combat gear because after the tournament the arena was free for ALL the men to show off their martial arts.
Madame Gyre
Clean, demure Kajira in flowing silk kneels demurely beside their masters, but less clean Kajira were among them, filthy from head to toe and seemingly wild; who knows if they weren't runaway slave.
The arena filled up with numerous people (60 on the sim) shouting greetings or the odd insult. Free women almost hugged their buddies in anticipation of the tournament.
Musicians (Whip Radio) played and soon calmed the crowd. Later they accompanied the tournament with their entertaining music.

Suddenly, a strong, loud male voice echoed through the arena, asking for silence and opening the tournament with a few words explaining the rules and the size of the prizes.
Valdemar shouted across the arena, I'll keep the board open for a few more minutes in case anyone wants to sign up in these final moments while I go over the rules and the prizes.
First, it would be highly desirable if all non-combatants removed their gauges for this event to once again deal with delays.
The rules are as on the notecard, with one last-minute change and one addition.
The addition is that the swords you use MUST make a sound, we don't want people fighting with weapons that don't make a sound.
It's unfair to the other fighters.
Second, in the interests of absolute fairness, we will not allow AOs. Fighters please turn off your AOs.
Otherwise, the rules are the same as most tournaments. 40% sword damage, weapons that look like swords and not hammers or spears (even though their damage is the same, we're trying to keep things IC as much as possible).
Best of 3 for all rounds except finals which is best of 5.
Best of 3 for all rounds except finals which is best of 5.
Draws will be made up. I'll give another 30 seconds in case anyone wants to sign up.
Prizes for today's tournament.
There was a last donation from Ĥєηηα ßợα (hannuka) which is much appreciated so I'm recalculating it, give me 15 seconds.The prices are the following:
First winner: 8500 linden trees
Second place: 5000 linden trees
Third place: 2500 linden trees
FFA Winner: 1800 Equinox Weapons Gift Card - We thank Equinox for their contribution which we greatly appreciate.
I'm closing the board now.
The first game is Aion vs. Tyat
The silence in the arena was suddenly almost eerie and you could have heard a pin drop, everyone listened to the words of Valdemar, the referee, until suddenly everyone shouted: “GOOD LUCK” “STEEL AND HONOR” “GO FOR THE FIGHT AND DO YOUR best"
The names of the fighters were called into the arena to wish them luck.


To the roar of the crowd, the Tournament began and went through various rounds in which the winners had to compete again until the winner of the tournament was determined to claim their prize.
A round consisted of 3 fights.

Almost 2 Ahn the men in the Arena fight for their honor, they showed their legendary martial arts and some gasped during dangerous maneuvers.
It was remarkable that apart from minor injuries, which could be treated immediately by the attending physicians, there were no major injuries or even fatalities.
In the final, Khoronos Ryu(Dark Kegel) and Lion Ravenhurst fight each other.

And the WINNER is:



Second winner was Lion Ravenhurst, that man too, was a remarkable fighter but fate had spoken;

The Gorean Moons Gazette congratulates both men on their excellent fight.
Dark Kegel
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