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Kill Willy

Now we went together towards a new adventure, which was not long in coming.
Hannah was so annoyed by the stench of the whale carcass and her injuries, due to the fact that nobody was responsible for the disposal of the disgraced body, the danger of an epidemic was getting closer that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Oh. What stupidity she had ridden this time again!!


It must have been at night because I didn't find out what had happened until the next morning when the town crier announced the latest night's news. A fire in the Dock Quarter had got out of control and spread to several apartment buildings. Luckily no people were hurt or killed. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear how the fire started.
Our Hannah had gotten Tharalion Oil, Loki knows where from, and had poured it over the carcass and set it on fire. Sparks then jumped on the houses and some were ablaze. Skand the Ubar was so angry that he immediately suspected Hannah and interrogated her. Hannah didn't deny anything but neither was she aware of the guilt of having done wrong, but rather the Robin Hood of Tira !!Disease prevention and rescue of the citizens from an Urt plague!!
I really hoped that Ubar would understand, but the very next day my fears came true, an arrest warrant against Hannah and a court will take up this case. It's a pity that I don't have my exam to become a lawyer yet, otherwise I would stand by Hannah, so all I can do is hope for a lenient magistrate. Oh yes, magistrates, Lady Arella. A new magistrate was lately appointed, old Sir Vidal wishing to retire. It is surprising that I did not find any announcements about a decision by the High Council and the appointment of the new magistrate. So this time another city decision went past Darian. Sure we are NEW in town but not INVISIBLE!!! So we wish Lady Arella well in her work and hope that she is up to the challenges of a magistrate.To what extent she has authority to hold this office is beyond our knowledge, but we have faith in the Council and in Ubar.

But as it had to come, Hannah was dragged into court, the New Magistrate Lady Arella, doing her job, cold as an old Giani's snout, waving some weird wand she affectionately called the Magistrate's Wand.
What the hell! Some people just have weird qualities to present their power.
If things hadn't been so serious for Hannah I could have laughed out loud
Unfortunately, we were on a trip when the court met at very short notice and you doubted that Hannah had been provided with a defender/advocate.
Only when we got back to Tira do we find out from the logs what had happened.
Hannah was sentenced to public flogging.
Poor Hannah!!
I could scream because we weren't there to stand by Hannah.
Now I have no choice but to cool her welts and wounds, to take her in my arms and to comfort her.
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