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Somewhere on the Laurius River, between Laura and Piedmont, where the mountains are already rising, yet the south still has its hold, lies the city of Violentia, hidden and encircled by the high mountains of the Northern Forest, Our voyages have led us to this picturesque valley, the negotiations were successful and we decided to open a branch right here on site.
We now have 3 branches on this planet, in the City of Ar, in Cartassa Desert and now also in Violentia.
This also gave rise to the idea of adding a new page to the Gazette in the next 1 to 2 months, a locale news page, where special information, reports and a good portion of gossip from the respective region can be read
After some searching we found a house that is ideal for the office and has enough space upstairs for private use so that we don't have to go to the inn when we work here, but can sleep in our own beds. .
For such cases, our ships always have a set of furniture in the storage room, such as desks, chairs, tables, printing machines, papers, but also a set of beds and sofas, just what you need for comfortable living.
Slaven quickly brought the heavy things from the ship into the house and we set it up.
Word quickly got around that we are in Violentia. We were warmly welcomed by the locals and soon there was a knock on the door.
A lady in a simple green Wool Dress, carrying a basket of herbs, entered the office.
My eyes got a little wet as I smiled at the lady because apparently this lady was a herbalist and I had to think of my twin sister Swanya who is also a herbalist and I haven't heard from Swanya for a long time but I hope Swanya is doing well and nothing happened to her on the trip.
The lady introduced herself by her own name, a lovely sounding name 'Florence', as soon as Lady Florence was seated and offered the cup of black wine I declined with a smile on her veiled face. "Oh no thanks, Blackwine always makes me so uneasy," she said, passages pouring out of her mouth without a period or comma.
I chuckled a little, not wanting to know what it would have been like if Florence had drunk the black wine, but I savored my cup of this brown, invigorating drink while listening to Lady Florence's words... ...Occasionally I asked questions about what she told me.
I've heard a lot of gossip from all over town, this lady is worth her weight in gold, like a walking newspaper *laughs*
That's how I found out about a Lady Elaine and her home-brewed strong liquor called Moonshine, which has seduced every man in town to enjoy, or should I say drink.
Second, the conversation turned to a recently sighted assassin in town with a mark on his forehead, meaning the killer has an assignment!!
It is the ritual of the Black Caste that when an assassin accepts an assassination contract, he draws a black cross on his forehead in front of a sword for all to see, and so every city must allow him entry.
No one, man or woman, likes to see guys like that around because they always cause discomfort and fear because you never know who the victim is.
And in my job you never know whose toes you just stepped on...
I also noticed Florence's discomfort when she spoke about it. I also spotted him around town and quickly hid like most people do when they see such a "black guy".
Florenvce told me the assassin told her not to worry, she wasn't on his list. Unfortunately I was tempted to tell her that most of these killers lie about such things to reassure the victim and she should still be careful.
Oh dear, I shouldn't have said that, closed my mouth, then the little woman turned pale, her face was as white as chalk, and I was afraid she was going to fall off my chair.
"I think I need a personal guard for my protection. Can I place an ad in your Gazette?” it came out of her mouth anxiously.
“Of course, such an ad usually costs 1 Silver, Lady Florence. Should the guardian have special qualities, hair color, eye color, height, stature? Maybe a future contender for FC?” I said the latter with a humorous undertone to cheer up the little lady again, and I succeeded because she laughed and shook her head, I don't care as long as he's a good fighter!"
But Lady Florence was still a little crook, she actually traded the price of the ad for her guard down to 0.
"Oh, 1 Silver, that's a lot, and what about all the information I gave you, do I get a discount??"
I had to suppress my laughter and nodded: "Well, Lady Florence, I'll make you a proposal, you keep your eyes and ears open here in town and tell me and in return I'll waive the advertising price of 1 silver."
I held out my outstretched hand to strike the deal and she accepted.

Lady Florence bids farewell and a messenger came to the office with a new message. The city's physician asked whether we would also sign FC contracts. I quickly gave the messenger my answer and went out the door to breathe some fresh air and also to keep an eye out for a ship from Darian that should be here any moment. Just as I was about to go to the town gate to take the route to the dock, a black-clad man with a red-haired slavin on his chain rushed towards me.
I couldn't escape as quickly as he stood by me, so I stopped with pounding heart and a lump in my throat and tried to appear neutral and friendly, greeted him and said my name
The girl named Obi greeted me well and well, and the assassin was friendly and introduced himself by name, Ser Garter. He didn't even deny his caste, it wouldn't have gone unnoticed anyway. "Haven't seen you here, lady, are you new here?
"Oh no no *I was trying not to stutter with excitement* My home stone is the Oasis of the Seven Palms, we have a branch of our Gorean Moons Gazette here, and depending on our workload we always linger for a while in the respective cities where we are have branches!"
I don't remember before I found the courage to ask him about his assignment, but curiosity got the better of me and I sensed a new story.
To my surprise, Ser Garter said that he came through his assignment in this city and liked it and decided to stay, he is a citizen of Violentia. But his mission is not over yet.
Now that comment brings renewed discomfort to my stomach and I will try to avoid this gentleman in the future as I was relieved to see Darian walking towards us.
We'll see how the story goes on, I'll post about it later here!!
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