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Very early in the morning I woke up from a beautiful dream and a long night, stretched my limbs comfortably in the soft bed for a while, but it doesn’t help the call of work, today another very instructive day awaits me: So I swung my legs out of the Bed, bathed and dressed, and ran down the many steps from the tower room to the scribes' house.

When I sat at the desk and pored over the scroll of the last lesson ..... Cartuis, Kamba, Nyoka, Thassa, Schendi ------------ my head was buzzing, I'll never get that into the brain and sighed deeply as heavy footsteps came up the stairs from below. A tall man with short brown hair and a blue and gold jacket appeared and walked straight to my desk.
For a moment I wondered whether I should disappear under the desk, hide, or sit proudly and wait for what he wants. Of course, as always when something is going on, I'm alone in the office, no one there to ask or where to get support.
So I decided to stay seated, look at the man and say hello: "Tal Sir, I am Lady Malena, what brings you here, how can I help you", then point invitingly to the free chair in front of the desk with one hand.
"Tal Lady Malena, I am Sir Hammer, slaver of this town and there is a new slave to register!"
"Have you already been to the physician with the girl and had a slave exam done?" I asked and Hammer nodded and rummaged through his pocket for a scroll, put it on the table and pushed it to me, a bit crumpled and with some visible stains, of unknown origin, on the parchment, too.
With pointed fingers I took the scroll to me and regretted forgetting to put on gloves this morning, rolled them up, tried to smooth the paper a bit and read.
The corners of my mouth twisted into a smile at what I was reading, it was the slave exam of a female slave Karlage, a 19 year old Virgil, carried out and sealed by a Physician Lady N, (the full name is not given to protect the green ones) 20 years ago.
I quickly realized that it was a formal error, but with the 3 incorrect dates in the form, I could not fill out the registration.
Kopfkino suppressed my laughter, Slavenwine served a 19 year old girl 20 years ago, well before she was born.
I rolled up the scroll and handed it back to Sir Hammer, explaining that there was an error on the form, that the dates were incorrect, and that he should have the form corrected by the Green Caste.
Puffing and impatiently, he pulled the scroll to him and grabbed the pen, who will probably nod, my eyes widened when my fears came true and Hammer was about to change the data himself. After the first stroke of the pen I tear him the scroll out of hand and shook his head, does he want to make forgery of documents a criminal offense?
"Don't do that Sir Hammer!"
Angry about my behavior, he got up so quickly that the chair fell back on the floor and the bang made me flinch for a moment.
"I've got to do again, do what you want, lady, I don't have time now"!
Great Malena, well done, the first customer and you annoyed him straight away, I sprained the wrong document in a long box and will show it to Sir Darian later, he will know what to do.

In the late afternoon you found the opportunity to show the city magistrate and my mentor Sir Darian this slave exam. The little laugh lines on his face deepened for a moment and I caught myself thinking about tracing those fine lines on his face with my fingertip. I quickly shook the thought away and tried to concentrate on the conversation.

“Well, Lady Malena, you did right, it cannot be used for registration, even the request that the green caste should be changed was not incorrect, but we in the blue caste are authorized to make such mistakes, which are obvious Formal errors are, due to inattention or inattention, "...... I added in my thoughts the inability to correct ......". Correct the dates and I seal the document. Then you can fill out the registration, which I will then also seal! "

No sooner said than done ... the forms were soon in the respective mailboxes and in the archive.

But it still makes me laugh out loud at the idea that a 19 year old had already been given the Slavenwine 20 years ago !!!!

The strange Form

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