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Report on the interview with Nani of Hammersgaard

Kidnapping her Baby Björn

NANI Bailey, once came to Hammersgaard as a panther, disguised as a FW, and stayed and became a respected Free Woman of the village.
Now this woman sits before me as a panther again, with bruises and bruises all over her body, broken and crying.

I am dismayed to hear her story, which was repeatedly interrupted by her weeping and sobbing:

"oh, my björn .._ starts to sob .. that's a long story - it was that man who stole it from me!"
It was, ,S.( name known to editors), he was, he was, he took it from me, , and he gave it to his men, he said he would give it back to me if I married him, but , something happened, the Villagers turned against him because he was very bad and I think they killed him and I am left here not knowing where to send my son...

Bryjana El Nairad:

"What a pig, he will get his punishment. Do you know where he lives now? 

NANI Bailey:

"No, he died... kvinna, the villagers killed him without being able to get Björn, my son, out of there."
"The only one who can know anything is the tavern keeper... I think that he or his men said something to him at one of his drunken binges, but if the tavern keeper can't use me in his skins, what I don't want to, don't want to tell me anything." *sobs again

Editor's note:
Research revealed that S. was not killed but is alive, the news that was brought to Nani of his death is not correct.

Much more could not be got out of the poor crying woman and the supposed father of the child doubted the paternity. Does he just want to avoid responsibility, or is he behind it? These questions will probably remain unanswered.
On the other hand, Nani has always been a panther and led a double life, so there is another assumption that the relatives of the deceased took the child to adopt according to Gorean life, because the panthers didn't want men and wanted the child some would certainly have ended up a sex slave in the village of the panthers.

But I would still like to start an appeal here and go in search of the Baby. 


The End: Baby Bjoern of Hammersgaard

The latest findings and investigations, interviews with all the people involved, brought more and more light into the darkness and the disappearance of the baby Björn from Hammergaard.
Readers of the previous editions know that Nani's baby was kidnapped from Hammersgaard.

For readers who have not read our edition 4, I am attaching all previous reports to this one at the end.

The legal position is that the mother is not entitled to the baby, as this baby, a boy, presumably, was conceived in a panther ceremony involving 4 men at the same time, but at the same time this panther Nani was apparently also having a treat with the innkeeper Edu from Hammersgaard .
So his words made sense on my last visit to Hammersgaard when he claimed Nani was a slut and no one knew he was the father!
Nani-ai, who has since become a friend of mine, just stood there petrified as my temper cracked and I yelled at Edu not to talk like that.
Well, now an apology was due from my side, now that the truth has come to light and the legal situation has changed.
The baby boy who would never have a chance of being recognized in a panther camp and would end up a sex slave should be taken to the rightful father if found. Also, the search would have to be extended to the men Nani was with in this virgin/fertility ceremony.
I offered my sincere apologies to Edu, who accepted that smirk on condition of a kiss, making me blush and stunned at such cheekiness.
Darian stayed calm, even though I saw his neck swell and he wanted to punch Edu, Edu pointed out his audacity that it was rude to ask a taken woman for a kiss.
Sponge over, men !!laughs!!

To our surprise, Edu is now talking softly that he has the baby hidden in his house. He could snatch it from the kidnapper at the time and bring it to his house, his bond secretly took care of the baby and she was sentenced to silence by the tavern keeper.
He spoke of birthmarks on the baby's body being very similar to his and bjorn's appearance and eyes looking like his own. That he suddenly feels love for the child and that the assumption is still close that he could be the father.
Darian was supposed to take the baby and take it to the Healer for paternity determination.
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