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The 8th Passage Hand 10,173 Contasta Ar, after receiving 
i a message from the north, led me to Inlet of Green Cliffs, where the Jarl of the village of Fjölşviör Törvaldşön offered me to open a branch in your village and at the same time he would work as a local reporter work for the Gorean Moons Gazette.
When I got to Green Cliffs, the Jarl of Green Cliffs was already waiting for me at the dock.
A giant and bear of a man and scary I tell you.
I'm not small like a northern woman, a bit taller than a lot of the southern women and even my guard Jon seemed like a midget to this guy.
        The Thassa was choppy and high waves lashed overboard and soaked my clothes to the skin, and on that fact alone I went ashore and followed the huge Jarl into the Longhall.
It was pleasantly warm in the Longhall and I sat by a blazing fire in the middle of a huge pit, letting my clothes dry while we negotiated opening a branch and a reporter's contract.
A naked Bond bounced her hips and breasts between the Jarl and me and poured us beers.
I don't really like ale, but the drink warmed me up, which was probably due to the alcohol, which I don't tolerate well anyway and which quickly goes to my head.
Bond was very nice and accommodating, but just the fact that she was naked made me look away from her.
I don't understand why it has become so common in recent years for the Bonds to be naked in the hall, rules made by men for their own amusement.
It is common for the Bonds to serve in the hall, wearing simple kirtles, scurrying through the ranks with tall tankards and filling the Jarls' horns with mead and ale or whatever your heart desires. At least that's how it was in my home country and that's how it was handed down.
But these rules have disappeared from the scriptures. Now they say the Bondmaids are naked to please the Jarl.
Even public sexual acts in the long hall, on the tables, were observed by me in the north, forcing a free woman to leave the hall. The alcoves should actually be used for such fun.
There is a growing suspicion that bonds are more important and treated with more respect than any free woman.

New Friend

Sometimes you have to part with things and make room for something new. So I decided to give up 2 branches.
* Kasra on Northern Light Bay, because she was more dedicated to combat and because of a Lady Alice who felt stuck in her wonderland of BDMS, who then made snide remarks.
* Port Nykus, due to its own town newspaper, the Blue Caste founded and published after the opening of the Gorean Moons Gazette branch.

The Gorean Moons Gazette distances itself from setting up branches in cities that publish their own newspaper, since the GMG is not involved in the casting work of a city.
Halvar's return and a mysterious visitor
It was well after the winter solstice when I arrived at my office in Port Kar to do important paperwork. A lot had happened in the meantime, two cities in which I had branches were destroyed by a severe earthquake. Everything was in ruins and none of the expensive printing machines could be saved, so I had no choice but to write the loss off in the books.
When I cursed some scrolls that had been destroyed by fat blobs of ink, crumpled them up in anger at myself and threw them against the door, said door just yanked open and a tall, dark haired man stood in the doorway.
I dropped my quill when I recognized the figure, leaving more dark inkblots on the parchment.
In the doorway indeed stood Halvar, that Halvar, a Norseman and jewel dealer, filthy rich even if you don't look at him, and the same who offered me his protection many moons before his journey, with the simultaneous announcement that he would take me to take, wants to have a wife and will court me.
This man, whom I cursed for at the time and who I assumed had disappeared at sea, that no message reached me and that I was already enjoying my life again, this man now stood in the doorway like real life, came to me the desk and sat down, turned and looked at me who must have had a very goofy expression on her face.
His grin was wide on his face as he said, "How's my beauty?"
And before I could even find words or an answer, he continued, explaining with an apology that he could not get in touch because his ship had a broken mast and drifted at sea for a long time until the wind finally blew it into port . "But now I'm back here and taking care of you, my beauty"! He smiled and I found the first few words that came out of my mouth rather stuttering and collecting: Tal Halvar, nice to see you, I'm fine!"
For the next hour he shared how he was doing and there was even a little exchange of blows between us when I said he doesn't know me what if I stabbed him in the back with a knife while I hugged him. whereupon he laughed and said: "how are you going to manage that with my thick skins on my back and my backpack..."
As the door was pushed open again without knocking and another man in a captain's uniform stomped into the room
He was tall, blond, self-deprecating, made a well-groomed impression except for his hair, which you can't say about some in Port Kar, since this city is known to her for rabble and pirates, a city far from the law.
He sported a beard and a puffing pipe hanging from the corners of his mouth, wafting the suspicious Kanda odor and his hair was in wild long plaits at the back of his head that looked like they were matted and probably full of lice.
"Can't you knock and finally close the door and leave the cold outside" I whispered to him, but then I remembered my politeness and greeted him in a Gor-like way and introduced myself by name and asked his reason for the visit.
It turned out that in front of me was a Charles Vane from Dark Port, a district of Port Kar.
Charles announced the reason for his appearance with a very frivolous anche: "I expected to find an old clerk with a wooden leg here, but I'd rather look at you." More frivolous pick-up lines that caused Halvar's hair crest to swell more than slowly, and me made me smile inwardly, I spare myself from writing here, some things would not exactly be suitable for minors.
To such remarks, which a free woman on Gor often has to hear when men think they are irresistible to everything and everyone, I always respond with a polite support. But the hammer only comes when this Charles revealed to me that I should forge a document for him.
Again I explained to this guy that I am by no means a scribe of Port Kar but work here at my branch of the Gazette and he should be careful with such assignments as I am also an Advocate. I'm well aware that this didn't impress the guy, as Portkar is a place where lawlessness is the order of the day and nobody cares who does what and how.

In any case, it was enough for Halvar and he jumped off the chair and stood between us, since I had also got up in the meantime.
"I want you to talk differently to my wife-to-be and you heard she doesn't want to help you so act accordingly" he growled at blonde Charles.

I tried to hide a little behind Halvar's broad back to protect myself and ..................honestly......I found it impressive how who stood there like a bear in front of a bear, already drawing his sword for me.
For the first time I look at Halvar with different eyes, inwardly picked up some stones again and renewed the protective wall, which was beginning to crumble.
Halvar went dangerously close to the guy and whispered something to him, I didn't understand, but it probably had an effect and this Charles Vane says goodbye not to tell me beforehand where I would find him if I changed my mind , and I'm sure he didn't mean the document!

Halvar and I spent the rest of the evening eating and chatting and talking.
His eyes met my eyes again and again, but after a while I lowered them so as not to lose myself in his dark brown eyes.

we'll see how it goes, fact is when a gorean man wants a free woman he doesn't have many options to turn it down, mostly it's the family that accompanies the woman, in my case my protector, and that's the same man who does want me The only question is why?
love or want to possess?
I'll find out.
So far he's not acting pushy at all, which impresses me, and not all men on this planet are like that. Halvar discreetly gives me the chance to get to know him.
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