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All good times are gone and the time for change has come. The longing for mountains and sea kept me from sleeping and also the fact that some citizens were no longer friendly to me after my return (Bry's escape).
Whether it's envy or frustration, I have no idea, I don't care either. I don't have to expose myself to bad energies.
Now Teletus has agreed that I can open a branch in this city on the Thassa with its beautiful high mountains.
I was also offered a house of my own for the duration of my stay, which I gratefully accepted and furnished.
The private home is right next to the Gorean Moons building on a main street behind the market.
After the grievances in Cartassa continued to escalate, I decided to settle fully in Teletus and applied for citizenship

So the originally planned location of the Gorean Moons became the NEW HEADQUARTERS.

May it be a good time and that I can finally rest !!
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And maybe great luck will find me one day, but at the moment my trust in men is very badly damaged.
3rd Day 4th Hand Month SeKara 10,173 Contasta Ar ( 4th Oct. 22)

The Man with burns

Loud shouts from nearby made me look up from my work. A man calling for two people, Kailla and Xavier. I have no idea who these people are as I hardly know anyone in town.
A city, especially a busy one like Teletus, is always noisy and busy. Often you ignore such things and just move on.
I also.
I tried to ignore the exclamation and continued to focus on my scrolls.
After a short while the screaming stopped. Well, maybe that's not so important!
Late in the evening the call came again and now my curiosity was piqued when a short time later an increased babble of voices was heard near my house. Tired, I left the house and went to the infirmary, diagonally across from the house.
What I saw there as I got closer took my breath away and in my mind's eye I saw myself lying in the fire again.
There stood a man, tall, broad-shouldered, with short, dark hair and a bare chest. looked like a mercenary.
But that wasn't what shocked me, it was the fact that his torso was covered in severe burns.
His sword at his hip revealed a large amount of dried blood. Was it his own blood running down his back and chest, or someone else's blood?
Of all the people standing there, including a woman and three men, one a slave, the only one I knew was Sir Tyrone, chief of the merchant caste in Teletus.
The lady introduced herself as Lady Elisabeth and the other gentleman was this Xavier, whose name was called.
From snippets of conversation I learned the name of the injured man, a Sir Taranis and a doctor who Sir Xavier knew well, and the injured man asked for a Lady Kaiila, but apparently she was out of town.
After what felt like an eternity, Sir Xavier, Lady Elisabeth and the injured man went to the infirmary, where his wounds were treated.

In a brief chat with Sir Tyrone, I learned that the man was probably being attacked by a Kur who, to quote Sir Tyrone, "wanted to roast him!"

I may have a chance to speak to Sir Taranis personally to find out more.
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