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After the Fire

bry,swanga twins.png
Swanja  & Bry
After my rescue I was in a coma in the infirmary for a few days, but I was given the salve of the Priest-Kings and this was given with other ingredients like the oil of Trier and a painkiller to help my skin heal without scarring
Well, that's what I was told, but I didn't dare to look in the mirror and couldn't believe it.
I am currently wearing my hair chin length, it would need to be trimmed as my long hair was charred and burned but the hair is growing back.
I either wear a dark Veil in front of my face to protect it from prying eyes, or lower my head and shield my face with one hand.
While I was in the coma, Swanya naturally took over as a reporter and deputy for the Gorean Moons Gazette. she traveled to Teletus for the Merchant Fair and the Kajirae Dance Exhibitions.
Your report reads well and I am proud of my sister.
As soon as I was out of the coma and recovering for a while, work called me again, because it would distract me from the nightmares at night.
I was just reading the latest reports from the Gorean Moons Gazette when the door to the office opened and the Pasha entered.
A small box with exquisite opals was already on my desk , since I planned to go to the Pasha myself after completing my writings and thank him for my rescue. Now I could save myself the trip and grabbed the box and handed it to him my thanks.
To my surprise, he voluntarily sat down in one of the visitor's chairs without taking up mine.
But I still don't trust this man, and that's a good thing.

Rumor has it that Pasha Abu's hobby is humiliating and coercing women. This is how free women look, the way they look at him, makes you look deeply and suspect.
It wouldn't surprise me if this guy, Pasha and Pirate, made FW get into his bed with blackmail and coercion.
I'll be on my guard and it's best to avoid the man as much as possible, but I wouldn't be me if he reached his goal with me *laughs'
My poisoned hairpin is always ready to hand in my hair, and what he doesn't know is that I, like Swanja, inherited the skills of our mother and ancestor women, as Völva.
Oh, I know many a potion that would no longer allow him to stand "HIS MAN".
That's what you'd expect, because I'm not like other free women, they might even feel honored when Pasha honors them.

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