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Missed Person

A long day was drawing to a close when the bell suddenly rang at the gate. Some citizens rushed to the gate at the same time to let the visitor in, or to see what or who asks for admission at this late hour.

A delicate woman with a strange exotic look and with one brown and one black eye, stood with a guard in front of the gate. Her dress was white and I was amazed when I noticed that it was transparent on the legs, and when it blew or the lady walked, she showed her bare legs to the ... stop.
Her face was covered with a transparent veil, and she seemed to belong to the merchant caste.
Somebody opened the gate and the lady strode through the gate with her dress billowing and her legs bare.
Warriors Sir Dieter, slaves, the new HOC slaver, magistrate Sir Darian, Ambassodor Sir Amir al-Sharif ibn Khaldun and a few other men and women whom I did not know stood around the newcomers.
Nobody seemed to notice the inappropriate clothing and I would rather bite my tongue than say something, but my face must have mirrored my thoughts.
The lady introduced herself as Lady Hankalis. She said she came from the north and was a perfume merchant; she bought the dress in Tire.
I grinned at the thought that the lady probably didn't need glasses or that she had drunk the too quickly, that she didn't notice the flaws in the material.
Your companion / guard, probably more of an old mercenary, who had looked too deeply into the paga glass, with glassy eyes and red, thick nose, whose breath smelled like a whole paga barrel, was more interested in the buttocks of the lush, red-haired people hurrying by naked slave than for the talks.
The wink of the redheads caused the old mercenary, who was probably dishonorably dismissed from the red caste for drinking, to run after this slut into one of the dark alleys of the city, where a moan could be heard shortly afterwards.

The moons rose higher and higher and it seemed as if one or both eyes were closed, over the elevator of the Lady Hankalis, I shook my head inwardly, my strong sense of justice came through again and decided to go back to my room and prefer to sleep. The next day would certainly be exhausting again.

With a good night from everyone and be well. I ran home and crawled into bed next to Swanja who was fast asleep.
The next day

the lakes were already flying high above the city when I woke up. The memories of last night quickly came back to life.
The fact that an assassin had been in town since yesterday also worried me.
I don't like seeing a black man, and having Tami to serve him didn't make it any easier.
So the day went quieter than expected with the preparations for my upcoming exam and filling out one or the other form and archiving numerous scrolls. In the late afternoon I went up the few steps from the office to my new, larger apartment, directly above the office that I had moved into with Swanja in the early hours of the morning, the small pieces of furniture were quickly taken from the tower room by city slaves and brought into the new home . The apartment was comfortably furnished quickly.

I boiled a pot of fresh black wine and set up a table outside on the terrace between mine and Darian's apartment, had a slave bring Ka-la-na, chicken and soup.
When Darian got home from work he could probably use some refreshment, just like me.
I didn't have to wait long to hear his footsteps and he was standing at the entrance to the terrace and his surprised face made me smile:
"Tal Lady Bryjana, do you want to open an inn here?" These were his first words and my features changed a little.
" ..... I just thought you could use some refreshment after work!" Inwardly I slapped myself for the stupid idea and stuttered, embarrassed.
"Indeed, black wine and some chicken would be a good idea to start the evening!" Said and sat on the chair.
We had just had our first cup of the fragrant black wine when Tami came running up the stairs as if Loki were after her. Her look was startled, her face heated from running, when she sank to her knees: "Greetings master and mistress, something terrible has happened!"
"Master, mistress, may I talk, something bad has happened?"
In unison, Darian and I nodded encouragingly to Tami. Tami took a deep breath before excitedly reporting: “The mistress, from last night, Master, you remember, the one in the white dress that I brought to the inn ...... has disappeared. Her things are all still in hers room and this note is here! "Tami gave the note to the magistrate, he handed the note to me to continue reading and in silence I read:" If something should happen to me, please notify my protector and guardian "of it follows a name and a place from the north.
Handed the note back to Darian, who let it disappear into your robe with a nod. The assassin came back to my mind and I asked with a smile under the veil: “Have you looked under the bed of Lady Hankalis to see if you are Head is underneath, Tami? "
Horror and horror was written on Tami's face and I immediately regretted my joke when Tami cried out slightly and shook his head. Only my laughter calmed Tami again when she realized that I had made a joke with her. Although it could not be dismissed out of hand that the black man was here because of this strange lady.

The magistrate informed the commander of the Red Caste Sir Dieter and soon you could hear the heavy steps of the warriors running through the city and all corners were searched, citizens questioned.
Some farmers correct that early in the morning they saw a strange camouflage rider with the woman they were looking for, flying out of town on a tarn.

Now the questions arise. Has Lady Hankalis left the city voluntarily, maybe with the drunkard from Mercenary, maybe run away out of love, or was she kidnapped, by the mercenary or a stranger, The search for the mercenary was also fruitless, the red-haired slut only reports that he is still lay next to her on the skins in the morning hours, but then she fell asleep and when she woke up he was gone.

Magistrate Darian wrote a report on the missing persons case, sealed it, gave it a copy of the red caste, one to the HOC of the blue ones, and the original was archived.
After a period of two hands, Darian, the protector or guardian of Lady Handkalis, would send a messenger with a message about the disappearance of the white lady.
It got a bit cooler and I wanted to get a cloak from the apartment, but noticed the somewhat stuffy air inside the room and opened the window to let in fresh evening air.

Voices can be heard downstairs from the Ambassodor’s office, they were from Tami and Sir Amir. Tami reports something about northern women in the city who offered her whips because Tami had apparently talked too much. And between the gasps of his burgeoning lust, Amir grumbled: “The damned northern people should stay where they are, in their north and not come here .1"

The spit stuck in my throat when I heard such hateful words, and that from the mouth of an ambassador. Anger boiled up in me and my Nordic temperament could no longer be restrained as I hurried down the stairs and knocked on the ambassador's door.

A rumble could be heard from inside and then Tami opened the door for me:
"Greeting Tami, I want to speak to the ambassador urgently!" Tried to make my voice sound calm and relaxed and my gaze spotted the tall, slim ambassador in the background, as he ran his hand through his long beard.

"Greetings Mistress" to open. She looks over at the ambassador. "Are you available, master?"
Amir was still standing in the same place and pointing with his hand to a chair: “" Please, lady, come in ".

"Thank you sir, I'd rather stand still, it won't take long for me to say
My name is Bryjana Thoredottier and as you can see from the name I am a northern woman who is trying to build a new life here in the south, and yet I am and will remain a northern woman, unfortunately my ears would have to hear through an open window, like you thinks and talks about people from the north, I'm only an apprentice, but soon a lawyer and will not tolerate people talking about my compatriots like that, you as ambassadors of a city should know that and talk, think and act more diplomatically! "
Then I took a deep breath in and out.

He raises an eyebrow. "I was talking to my slave in this office, I wonder if you could overhear it," he says coldly
her look returned his look with the same coldness as his voice sounded “: I said yours and my window was open, I live right here above your office and I don't care sir whether you utter the words to a free woman or a slave have, it is the meaning of the words, which I am criticizing here, and which should give you food for thought! "
"I understand, I wasn't thinking of you, but of those who behave as if they were still in your country, who do not respect the customs of the cities. If you do not behave like that, I will respect you and you as consider an enrichment for the city "
A little more soothed, but still full of rebellion and turmoil, I said:
"Then name names and do not generalize them in the future, I agree with you that there are such and such everywhere, be it in whichever country!"
Tami smiles when she looks at her master, she had heard everything. She knelt next to him and offered him a cup of hibiscus tea.
Smiles as she listens to her Master with words. She kneels next to him with his hibiscus tea.
"My slave spoke of the new slave trader, and since I've heard that his manners are sometimes inappropriate for a city, what is your opinion of him." Amir said casually as he took the cup of tea from the tray.
"I can't say anything about that sir, the new Hoc Slaver only seems to have fun in his tower, you only see strange slaves going in and out, an auction or the like has never taken place before."
Amir nodded "very good, I hope the rumors were wrong"
“I haven't heard any rumors, but I usually work when others are still sleeping here in the city,, I just saw the brisk traffic of femininity at the Slaver Tower,, many of the citizens prefer to be in the house than to move around with people, me can only say I saw the slaver briefly once or twice just as a greeting. "
"Of course I hope that this clears up the misunderstanding." Amir sounded more neutral again and no longer as angry.
Nodded soothedly: "Please think about the words before they leave your tongue., You never know if they hurt someone without you wanting it, sir. have a good evening, be well and thank you for letting me speak! "
Another farewell to Amir and Tami with a smile and I left the ambassador's office.
Outside I held my face in the cooler evening air and took a deep breath.
"Damn, Bryjana, that could have gone into the eye, why can you never hold back" I mumbled to myself and went to my apartment. I lay down on my bed, which Swanja now had her own, and soon fell asleep exhausted .
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