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Weeks passed for our first issue of the Gor Gazette,

They spent a lot of time on ships and in caravans, touring foreign towns and villages, doing newspaper ads, but making new friends on these trips made time fly by.


And finally the day came

Day 2 Hand 4 Year 10170 Contasta Ar

We sent our messengers across the country to distribute our Issue 1, which was very well received.

Surprising Journey and Annunciations

But if I thought I could rest a little now and devote myself to the final preparations for our ceremony, I made the calculation without Darian.

As soon as our 1st edition was among the people, I had to pack new boxes with clothes for another trip, the destination of which was not revealed to me.


We boarded the ship in Windermeer and I noticed that Darian whispered with a mischievous smile to the captain, who nodded laughing and bowed.

The ship sailed down the Vosk Delta to Port Kar and then into the Tumber Gulf. When the ship drove into the Thassa and sailed along the coast there, I was glad not to have to go to the high seas, because despite the many trips we had to make in the last few weeks and months, I had never really overcome my fear.

But seeing the nearer shore, with its magnificent towns of Bazi and Schendi, calmed my fluttering nerves somewhat.

Three times I tried to get Darian to tell me the destination of the trip, but he just shook his head with a smile on his lips, which I wanted to kiss, and just said: "Patience, my love, patience, soon you will." experience it!” so i let no more questions go and tried to enjoy the trip.

We were just passing Korat and the island of Landa was already in sight, not far would be Kargash, when the ship slowed its speed and drew closer to shore.

I couldn't believe my eyes when a small oasis came into view, hidden by tall palm trees and dunes and yet the earth's fertility was evident due to Thassa's proximity.

A small group of people were gathered at the dock as the ship reached port, shouting "Hail Darian, Hail Oasis of the Seven Palms, Hail Prince Darian!" while waving colorful flags,

I thought I couldn't believe my ears what the people were shouting and looked surprised at Darian, who was standing at the railing waving and then looked over at me.

He grabbed my hand and smiled and what he said then made the ground shake beneath my feet and no it wasn't the ship.

"You know I told you my parents are dead and Lady BB and Sir Mith adopted me, but I only changed my name, not my origins. I am grateful to my adoptive parents for the good upbringing and carefree childhood. But I am the son of Sheikh Al Nairad. The empire would be destroyed, my birth parents killed, my brother Orlando, you met him in Thentis, living in the ruins, trying to rebuild and taking our father's legacy as sheikh. On my travels I found this oasis, called it the oasis of the seven palms and settled here with a small people.

Ai I'm Prince Darian, but also magistrates. Few people know about my true identity when I work in the cities and in the country as a magistrate. But you should know that after our FC you are not only a scribe and the chief editor, but also the princess of the seven palms!

I listened to Darian in silence, unable to get a word out of my mouth. Princess?????????Me???????????????

If I could look in a mirror right now I would realize that my mouth must have been hanging open and I would look stupid because the grin the captain gave me as he looked at me spoke volumes.



Darian took my hand with a reassuring smile and walked with me from the deck towards the cheering crowd.


I was struck by the simple elegance of the buildings and the palace.

The oasis lay in the evening sun not boastfully or pompously, but with a pleasant glow.


We spent 2 whole days on the oasis and relaxed and enjoyed the togetherness until we left, because we had to be back in Windermeer in time for our FC ceremony.

Trouble and a happy ending

Arrived in Windermeer we immediately started to set up the FC location, slaves ran back and forth excitedly and brought flowers and benches. Ribbons of blue and white would be tied and hung from pillars, carpets of rich blue were unrolled, tables were laid.

I nervously walked back and forth checking one thing and another, tweaking it a bit and examining everything until I was satisfied.


Suddenly, a deep voice pulled me out of my thoughts: "What's the hustle and bustle here on the Administrator Square?"


Startled, I turned and looked straight into the angry face of a man who introduced himself as Sir Vance, one of the High Council, but we had never seen that man before. Lady Tasia gave permission for us to decorate and use this space for the FC. But the Lady was not in Windermeer, as she had not been for a while. Rumors made the rounds that Lady Tasia would devote herself to other tasks, where of course the tasks as HOC suffered.



Sir Vance bellowed out his displeasure in a thunderous and outraged voice and my face slowly reddened with anger, but also with fear that everything would be undone in the end. In my mind I already saw us holding the FC on a grazed field.

Unfortunately, my temper didn't allow me to stay calm for too long, so I explained to the sir. He should actually know that an FC would be pending, since invitations went out to all citizens. Presumably they would gather dust on his desk, unread.

That Lady Tasia prescribed the place for us and that the acting administrator, Sir Metric, was informed of it. Luckily Sir Metric turned up and cleared everything up and an apology was given.

"Well, that comes when you've been away for a long time, Lady Bryjana, do you accept my apologies?"

Relieved, I smiled and offered his hand in peace and friendship. "It would be an honor to name you as our best man Sir Vance"!


To our delight, he agreed and we were able to end the day peacefully. Only a few hours left until the FC ceremony and we could really use some rest, so we each retired to our rooms.

The Ceremony

A city slave with fiery red hair who was placed at my service. Walked into my bedroom with a smile but sleepy eyes. "Mistress, your bathwater is let in!"
With a cup of strong black wine in hand, he climbed into the tub with the pleasantly hot water which smells of jasmine and roses and hoped that it would drive away my tiredness.
Worried, my gaze went to the window again and again, the rain was getting heavier and heavier as if the world was going to end and Odin would pour out the whole Thassa over Windermeer.
Heavy rain was drumming on my window when I awoke from a restless sleep at sunrise, I got out of bed exhausted and tired, with the feeling that I hadn't closed my eyes all night.
Oh great........................ FC would be a wet event......... ....why ??????? Aren't the gods on my side today????
My hopes were that the weather would change by evening because I didn't feel like swimming to the altar with my dress hanging on a hook in the room and I suddenly didn't like it at all anymore.
The dress. Really a dream of white silk with a bust line of deep blue flowers that fell softly over the waist and also framed the long train, the colors of the Magistrate.
It's too late for a new dress and I will wear this dress with the 8 white veils tonight. And when the world ends, I'll be the FC today by Darian. I drank the cup empty, put it on a small table next to the tub, took the fragrant soap and washed my hair and body thoroughly. Hygiene has always been important to me and maybe I washed myself a little longer today as if I should delay my time in the warm water any longer.

After another 30 Ehn I got out of the tub, dried my hair and styled it into a gorgeous updo. On the bed was a white and gold tunic with a duvet and wide, comfortable pants and sandals the same color as the tunic. I got dressed and tied one white veil in front of his face and looked at me.
By Odin, Bryjana you look desert flower.
The day was still young and I decided to stay at home and work in the office there.
Walking through the rain to the public office now would not be fun and I didn't feel like it.

The hours passed writing reports, preparing invoices and keeping accounts for the publisher.
It was already getting close to noon when the door to the office opened quietly and Darian appeared inside.
By the gods, he also looked like he hadn't slept all night and he sat heavily in your chair. After a warm greeting and a kiss, I wordlessly pushed a strong mug of Blackwine across the desk,
Darian took the cup and nodded his thanks and drank without a word, I felt nervousness and tension in him too.

Silently and again and again our eyes met for a moment, we work off the daily workload, in the meantime the red-haired slave gave us a heavy soup with pork and fresh bread and wine.
The soup was a delight, the bread a treat for the palate and the wine refreshing and sweet, and yet we ate as if we had knots in our stomachs just to stay strong.

The sun was slowly setting when we finished the work, the weather had calmed down. The rain had stopped and a gentle, balmy evening wind was quickly drying the roads and streets of Windermeer.



Noise made us sit up and look out the window and what we saw made us catch our breath, more and more people came to the city to the place of the FC ceremony. Oh it's time to go change if we don't wait for the guests want to leave.

I quickly gathered up the scrolls and put them in archives and ran downstairs to the downstairs rooms where slave girls had already laid out my clothes, they helped me put on the long robe and straightened the hairdressers again put gold and blue pins in the hair , some of the needles looked like butterflies, others had long chains of white pearls at their ends, falling gently down my neck from behind.

Upstairs I heard Darian rumbling, he probably had problems with his new boots and would curse, but then I heard his footsteps walking down the stairs and Darian made his way to the guests, he would be waiting for me at the foot of the ceremony stairs.

I noticed when one of the slave girls fastened the veils to my hair there were 8 heavy veils in all and I hoped the weight of the veils wouldn't cause a headache.

The white closed-toe flats were in such a way that I just had to slip them on and I stood there, unable to breathe with excitement.
The dress fit like a glove and was flattering on my figure without being overpowering. The seamstress did an excellent job.
She slowly made her way to the square in front of the administrator building where the FC location was set up. From afar I saw Darian standing by the stairs, he looked elegant and gorgeous in your blue suit and coat. Sir William Carver, who had traveled to Genesian with his kajira to hold the ceremony and seal the contract, was already at the desk and leafing through his documents. The sunset bathed the whole scene in red and golden light.

I walked slowly across the blue carpet past the benches occupied by the guests to Darian, he grabbed my hand and we went up the 3 steps to the altar and stopped in front of the desk. My hands were shaking and sweating as Sir William began the ceremony.



"We are gathered here today to unite in a contract of companionship Darian Arliss and Bryjana Thoredottier. One may have, at a given time, an indefinite number of slaves, but only one Free Companion. The privileges of a Free Companionship are never bestowed lightly, and renewed yearly yet normally surrendered only by death. Thus the Free Companionship is a legal and sacred bond. It is a bond of love and a bond of exclusivity"

"Therefore, while this is a celebration, it is also a solemn occasion. I ask you all to please treat their ceremony with the respect it is due."


" Today, Darian and Bryjana, have asked that the ceremony of the eight veils be performed, it is my honor to do so for them this " I would look now to Darian " Remove the first veil "



Darian untied the first clip in my hair and untied the first veil, held it up in triumph and tossed it to the floor.


William continued in a firm, sonorous voice.


" Many believe that a Free Woman may come and go as she pleases, frequent taverns and sit as Men, this is not so. She would wear robes of concealment and face veils, her jewelry would not be garish, her perfumes subtle and she would kneel in the manner of a feminine woman. She would not frequent places of Men, and would only be held in esteem so long as she maintained her dignity. A Free companion represents her Companion, and in doing so her manner, speech and actions would always reflect His status."


" Remove the second veil "


The Second Veil has been removed, and William tells Darian to remove the Third Veil:



"A Free companion serves only Him, and is not given to others for their pleasure. Remove the third veil "


The third fell and the next words came from William:



"She represents her Companion, she dines beside him in the company of His friends and business associates, therefore she would be articulate. She would keep his books, therefore she would be literate. She bears Him children, she would be nurturing, She maintains His house. She is His lover." Remove the fourth veil "


With every falling veil my vision got better and I looked into Darian's loving eyes and saw him smiling, he seemed very calm and collected now and squeezed my hands reassuringly in between. He whispered to me that he was happy to finally see my face , my mouth and lips, for until that day when the last veil would fall, he now saw my face unveiled.



" She would be the consummate hostess, all who entered His house would be greeted and made comfortable. The food and drinks served would have been overseen by her, and it would always be the very best that her Companion could afford, she would spend his money wisely. "

Remove the fifth veil "


As the fifth veil was removed William lifted his voice again "She would own nothing, what she had, what she wore, the food she ate, would have been given by Him. She would not take slaves, unless it was in their contract that she may do so. He on the other hand may take slaves and as many as he pleases. He also may visit taverns and alcove with kajirae should he wish. The Free companion knows this and accepts it." He looked at Bryjana then to Darian " " She would be the consummate hostess, all who entered His house would be greeted and made comfortable. The food and drinks served would have been overseen by her, and it would always be the very best that her Companion could afford, she would spend his money wisely. "


Taking off the 5th veil, I shudder at the thought of losing Darian to another woman or some slut someday. Because I often saw in my life how FC relationships and loves broke up due to the pandering of the sluts and most even managed to make the men obedient. Since one asks oneself all serious who is who the master. Normally I would laugh when things aren't that serious and it's the sad truth that many of the free men living here will be manipulating slave girls without the guys realizing or wanting to realise. For a moment I couldn't help but swallow my burgeoning jealousy and continue to concentrate on the ceremony, but the next Veil also required all my strength to show composure.


Once the sixth veil was removed William spoke again " She would be as much under the discipline of her Companion as a kajira is of her Master. A Free companion could feel the whip, and on the nights when He is displeased, she may find herself chained at the foot of the sleeping couch spending a cold night on the tiles.. Remove the seventh veil "



Finally the last veil should fall and my face was exposed, a soft smile playing on my lips as I looked at Darian.


As the eighth veil was removed he would offer the last words on the veils " She is his helpmate, she is mindful of her place, secure in the contract and needs no reminding that she represents him. She raises his children to be strong and honest, she is his companion. " He would pause there for a moment


Now William asked me to say a few words to Darian:



The nervousness has kept me silent the whole time, my slightly reddened face is no longer hidden under the veil, my teeth gnawing lightly on my lips, I now raise her voice, first softly and then more firmly:



That Moment, when I first saw you at school, I knew I loved you.

The feeling was so immediate and strong, much deeper and more unfathomable than one could ever comprehend.

One cannot describe such a feeling.

Nor can it be copied or forced.

You can only absorb it and let it guide you.

You go where it takes you!



You make me better

You are my best Friend and Mentor.

My Companion and confidant.

And also my biggest challenge.

But most important is:


You are the love of my life and you make me happier than I ever imagined.

You make me feel more loved than I ever could have hoped.


You made me a better person because our love for each other is reflected in the way I live.


I am truly blessed to have the privilege of calling you a part of my life, a life that today becomes a life together.



Darian Arliss, today I say "YES" to YOU and to US. I promise to be a good companion in good times and bad.

I promise to be a good comforter when you're down and I promise to be a good listener when you want to talk.


I promise to be a good mother to your children, to raising them to be good and great Goreans, and to always make your house shine.


I love you!


Tears suddenly stood in my eyes, but they were tears of emotion and happiness when I heard Darian's words:


Bryana a life aways us to live together flowering trees rising stars, you together with them will be my star that together we will live in the universe of Gor, and we will never leave-

William's slave brought a tray with a goblet of red Ka-la-na wine and passed the goblet first. I took a small sip and handed the goblet to Darian, who also took a sip and poured the rest onto the floor our FC was sealed. What followed was the official signing and sealing of the contract and we were introduced as Free Companions.

Afterwards we spent a while with our guests, received congratulations, ate the cake, drank wine and black wine and made new friends from Hammersgaard.
Darian's adoptive parents, Lady BB and Sir Mith, warmly welcomed me into their family, which touched me because, as you know, I have no one else in the family apart from Swanja.
Especially our newly won friends from Hammersgaard, the Jarl of Hammersgaard EduAxel and his companion Nina, who had taken on the hardships of the long journey from the far north to Windermeer, to our ceremony, when she was very pregnant, we devoted a little more of our time.
Time flew by, long ago the 3 moons of the planet were high on the horizon and the captains called for departure, the ships had to leave again.
We said goodbye warmly with the mutual promise to see each other again soon. We waved goodbye to the ships sailing away for a long time and then went hand in hand, happy home.
What happened there then remains my secret!
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