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The Isles of Tira

Days passed, the moons rose and set and it seemed that with every moonset Windermeer went down a little more. The tarns screeched and hungrily through the air. Since no one cared for the animals anymore, there was a great danger that the tarns would fall from the sky and eat the last inhabitants.

There weren't many of them anymore, most of them are already fleeing, even the HoC of the blue Caste wasn't seen anymore, even before our FC ceremony, so that Sir William took over from Lady Tasia and sealed the contract.

My application to the High Council to dismiss the Hoc only resulted in a letter from Lady Tasia arriving in which she also insulted and insulted me the worst. I remembered the many warnings my mother-in-law Lady BB had given me, because , through the FC with Darian Arliss, new family has already been driven out of Windermeer by this woman's machinations, lies and intrigues.

Oh, by Odin,Thor and Freya........................sorry for calling my gods again, instead of the priest-kings of the south ,but I'm still that Torvie at heart.

So again: Oh by all gods, people like that contaminate a city and things like that never end well. I wouldn't be surprised if one day the assassin meets this person. They just have to keep acting like this and one day meet the WRONG ONE. Forgive me, but my sympathy would be very limited *I have to grin as I write this*


Our reporter work forced us to travel again and so we got on

Day 23 Month 11Year 10170, early in the morning on the ship and sailed towards Thassa.

The sea was very rough these days and visibility was poor, for thick fog lay over the Thassa like a thick white feather bed. The captain suggested heading for the Isles of Tira, which were the closest, as going on to the Cos Islands was too dangerous.

I wasn't averse to coming off the ship and wanted to spend the forced stay in Tira with something useful right away and pay our respects to the Ubar Sir Skand again and ask if Tira was willing to cooperate with the Gorean Moons Gor Gazette.

Like every time I saw Tira, it took my breath away. This large imposing city with its many rivers and lakes, the many bridges and high buildings and the cliffs, which stretched wide into the country and into the city. The houses and roofs of Afsana shimmering in the evening sun, and the hanging gardens in full bloom by Reinshold framed Grand Tira with its buildings of tall castes, nestling in their color in the rocks. The Ruins of Kosberg tower impressively over the city.

We disembarked at Port Nyssa, the port and commercial center of Tira, and I remembered a town's description of a barbarian woman I met a long time ago.

"A city in the south, in a country full of mountains, lakes and sea, you will find a fabulous place, a city criss-crossed by water canals in the sea. We call this city Venezia!"

The Isles of Tira

Darian and I strolled through the streets and enjoyed the liveliness of the city and the many scents that wafted from everywhere. There were the smells of flowers and perfumes, or the appetizing 

smells of different kitchens and taverns. The aromatic smell of Blackwine here and there the sweet scent of Ka-la-da-Wine.

We decided to satisfy the craving for something to eat and drink and sat down on a small open terrace of an inn.

A voluptuous Kajira, whose breasts and butt are more reminiscent of a bosk cow, rushed over when she saw Darian and gave him a sweet smile, which I tried to ignore, She knelt so close to my FC that it wasn't even a piece of cloth between Darian and whose breasts the kajira would fit.

"Greetings Master and Mistress! Master*she purred with a seduction in her voice that drove me insane inside*"Master how may I serve you?"

Darin grinned and smiled at me, his tone towards the Kajira friendly but clearly uninterested in the slave.

Darian ordered Blackwine and a hearty Bosk stew with fresh Sa-Tarna, fruit and cheese for both of us.

The Girl thanked her and jumped to her feet and ran to the Kitchen to get and serve what was ordered.

The food was delicious and just as Darian had paid and we were about to move on, a Lady approached us with a smile on her veiled Face and Pictures under her Arm. Apparently the Lady was an Artist, her Skin and Hair were the color from the snows of the North. Lady Hannah of Bazi, as she introduced herself after our mutual Gorean greetings, was a superb artist indeed and I and friends purchased a painting from her, a painting showing Tira in all her glory.

We chatted for a while over a good cup of ka-la-na and when Hannah heard our names she beamed and called out." Oh how lovely family........Darian!!! Don't you recognize me, I'm Hannah your sister. Lady BB adopted me too when I was little. I know our paths parted, each lived his own life. Hannah of f Bazi is my artist name I'm Hannah Arliss!”


What a surprise and joy was in my heart to know that I have a sister in law and as I later found out a brother in law.

Darian himself couldn't hide his joy, You were hugged and kissed heartily. Yes, it was even decided to stay in Tira.

Family is important and one day, gods knows when, the Arliss Family will all be reunited and bigger than ever.



The Inn we stayed in was a larger building and the rooms were large and richly furnished. Ai, that's how you can feel good!!!


The next Day we ran into Hannah again but she didn't look good at all. Her face and body were covered in bruises and a nasty rash that was already clearing with treatments from a Physician.

But it was unmistakable to see that the rash was very itchy, because you could still see bloody welts from scratching.

When we asked horrified what happened, Hannah described that in the dock district, where she lives, a dead whale was floating in the water. The stench was unbearable so that she felt the need to bathe several times a day, but this time even the bath water in the bathhouse must have been contaminated and this terrible rash.

" I already reported it to the Ubar, but nothing happened apart from the order that slaves should throw stones at the dead carcass to sink it. The stench is attracting a lot of Urts now!” Hannah sighs.

Her eyes caught mine as she said, "Bry, maybe this would make a good article for your newspaper!"

"We'll see, dear Hannah, first we need an office to work here. Then we will have to interview other citizens about the evil and we must not forget the Ubar and the Physician who treated you!"



The town was bustling with shops and it was hard to find anything vacant and suitable for our office until we saw the houses on top of the Scribe Building. Ai It would be nice here and it would be a good idea to open the publishing house at Scribe's house.

A scroll was brought to the Ubar asking for citizenship and shortly thereafter we received the city keys and rented the house on the roof.House -No. 18


Male slaves dragged our numerous boxes with furniture, papers, printer's ink, which had meanwhile arrived from Windermeer, up the many stairs to the house.

Once again I set everything up and told the town crier to announce our arrival.


Shortly after the rallies made the rounds, a man appeared in front of the office building.

Blond with short hair, he built his not very muscular body in front of us and his words sounded cold and emotionless: "Why is an office in a residential building, house with number is to live in?!"

After greeting him and introducing ourselves we tried to explain the situation and that no one informed us about such regulations, call them regulations because it is not a law. He didn't respond to our explanations and apologies, and we still don't know his name to this day, he just repeated your words. "House with a number is a residential building, where do you live?"


Even the fact that Darian owns the oasis and that it is not far from Tira, only a few 100 passes east across the Thassa, did not convince him.

So we let him talk, which was always the same thing that came out of his mouth anyway, and the only thing we could find out was that he was probably the son of Ubar.

The next day I was sitting at my desk writing reports and reports, a slave brought a scroll from Head Merchant Tyrone, with the request to report to him immediately.

I immediately made my way and knocked on the large door of Merchant Building. A deep voice beckoned me inside. Tyrone ate from behind his large desk which was covered with documents, papers and scrolls and looked up.
"Tal Sir Tyrone. I'm Bryjana Arliss; Sir, you asked for me?"

For a while there followed rebukes as to why we opened the office without his permission, which confused and amazed me, until the misunderstanding was cleared up that we don't have double casts, but write, because my twin sister Swanja is responsible for sales and distribution.
After some negotiations we finally got a contract with the permission to open the office in building 18.

Together we now look confidently into our future!!
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